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mTw and EG enter the playoffs


The playoffs will soon be underway with the matches for Group D reaching a conclusion. mTw and EG join Na`Vi and CLG in the playoffs today after marching over Swedish BYOC teams DN and SIB.

Group D
Europe mTw3-09
United States EG2-16
Sweden DN1-23
Sweden SIB0-30

The invited teams continued their domination of the BYOC teams in Group D with both mTw and EG claiming easy victories in their first match of the tournament. The two pro teams would soon clash head-on in their second match, where it was the powerful AOE lineup of mTw (with Enigma, Faceless Void and Invoker) up against the lethal single-target lineup of EG (with Morphling, Storm Spirit and Shadow Demon).

With the advantage in teamfights on mTw, the team was able to initiate early pushes and took down towers on the EG side while being cautious about any incoming ganks and swift in their response with Teleportation Scrolls. After taking down all of EG's outer towers, mTw soon felt confident pushing into middle barracks with Black King Bars on Faceless Void and Enigma.

Coupled with some good Chronospheres and Shackleshots which caught out key heroes on the American team (Morphling and Storm Spirit), EG soon found themselves out of position and unable to defend their base from a throne siege at 42 minutes.

Stream onlookers caught yet another one-sided 'international-BYOC' matchup in the round three match between mTw and DN Gaming, arguably the strongest Swedish BYOC team having won the qualifier. The game was over by 18 minutes with a kill score of 8-30, hence guaranteeing mTw's and EG's place in the playoffs.

Playoff Teams
Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Germany mouzAustralia aLUkraine Na`ViEurope mTw
Ukraine DarerUnited States QuanticSweden CLGUnited States EG

The competition is just getting started with arguably the top eight teams of the competition advancing on without any upsets - how will this all play out?

Quarter Finals
Germany mousesportsvs.Sweden CLGSun, 21 CET
Europe mTwvs.United States QuanticSun, 21 CET
Ukraine Na'Vivs.Ukraine DarerMon, 09 CET
Australia absolute Legendsvs.United States EGMon, 09 CET

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