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Na`Vi and CLG advance from Group C


It was an afternoon of no surprises as tournament favorites Natus Vincere and Counter Logic Gaming clinched easy wins over the Swedish BYOC competitors. Meanwhile, the clash for top place ultimately went in the favor of the two-time Ukrainian world champions.

Group C
Ukraine Na`Vi3-09
Sweden CLG2-16
Sweden MAD1-23
Sweden Cop Top0-30

Both teams had no trouble at all during their round one match against the Swedish underdogs, easily eliminating them in under thirty minutes. MAD and Cop Top, however, were unwilling to go down without a fight and spectators on site cheered for the home team whenever the BYOC team were able to stage a couple of kills and pick off the tournament favorites.

Cop Top, for example, cheekily went for a level one Roshan attempt before the creeps even spawned - and they got it. That threw the Ukrainian powerhouse off on their feet, if only for a while, as they soon bounced back to claim the victory. We spoke to player Konkelbäret following the game. ('We just wanted to make Dendi rage.')

The anticipated matchup between Na`Vi and CLG came soon after the first round (which went well for both teams) and right from the get go, both teams were all about being aggressive and taking the lead. Despite an even kill score, Na`Vi's control of the map eventually pushed them ahead in the gold and experience graph and Dendi's Invoker was soon able to get back into the game despite a shaky start in the beginning.

Na`Vi went on to take the win and with the second round concluded, the standings for Group C were mostly set in stone, despite a valiant attempt by MAD in their third game against Na`Vi (going 44-49 against the Ukrainian powerhouse). Nevertheless, an upset so early in the tournament was not meant to be and Na`Vi and CLG finish first and second respectively.

Group D
Europe mTw0-00
United States EG0-00
Sweden DN0-00
Sweden SIB0-00

The matches for Group D will soon go underway with the first match on stream being EG vs DN-Gaming. Stay tuned for more information.

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