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DreamHack Vengeance Cup Day 2 recap


The first day of DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Cup. Four teams are out, four teams have qualified for the quarter finals. The remaining two groups start on Sunday at 12:00 CET.

An amazing first day of the Dota 2 Vengeance Cup has come to an end. It started with group A, where Darer and mousesports kicked Keita Gaming and The Tough Bananas out of the tournament. mouz's team captain 1437 told us in an interview: "I am really proud of my team". This was after mousesports defeated Darer and secured first place in group A.

Darer however, was the favorite for bonzajajaj, who was interviewed together with his teammate Pinoy. Before the first game of group A happened, Pinoy admitted: "I am a bit nervious". Maybe this was one of the reasons why Keita Gaming lost. After the second round of games, it was already clear that Keita would have no chance to reach the playoffs. This was reason enough for one of Keita's players to disappear, forcing his team to find a stand-in for the third and final match.

Minor blackout in Dota 2 area slowed down group B for an hour

Two things were discussed concerning the tournament structure and execution. Before the beginning of the tournament, the Dota 2 head admin Linus "Tjernobylbarnet" Staaf explained why the BYOC teams are only seeded into groups C and D. Later, group B was disturbed by a minor blackout in the Dota 2 area. In addition there was no game save available, resulting in two games being restarted. Dota 2 admin Robert Larsson explained in another interview, why he decided to force Infused and 4FC to restart with new picking and banning.

Four quarter final teams determined, four yet to come

In group B, the favorites once again proceeded into the playoffs. Absolute Legends and Quantic Gaming finished in front of Infused and 4 Friends + Chrille. Two players of Evil Geniuses, Bulba and Universe, watched the games of Saturday and told us that they were most impressed by mousesports so far. Absolute Legends showed a great performance, showing that despite a lack of good online results, the team still aims for the top at offline events. bLeek told us in an interview, not very surprising, "Na'Vi would definitely give us the toughest run".

This Na'Vi team with carry player XBOCT is definitely the favorite for winning the whole DreamHack Corsair Vengance Cup. XBOCT gave us an interview before DreamHack in which he explains what happened with Na'Vi recently and said that "
Blind understanding clears your mind for thinking ahead of your opponent"

Before we head into Sunday, make sure to also click through the GosuGamers flickr photo stream with all photos from Saturday. For an on-the-fly roundup of the day, check out the Liveblog from Raistlin, Kurtcos, KongoTime, Malnor and Trisnt.

The group stage continues on Sunday with group C, starting at 12:00 CET. GosuGamers.net will then be back with live coverage from Jönköping.

DH Summer Groups
Group AGroup B
Europe mouz
Denmark TTB
Ukraine Darer
Sweden Keita
Sweden Infused
United States Quantic
Australia Absolute Legends
Sweden 4FC
Group CGroup D
Ukraine Na`Vi
Sweden CLG
Sweden Cop Top
Sweden Main Alpha Dmitri
Europe mTw
United States EG
Sweden SIB
Sweden DN-Gaming

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