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DreamHack: Mouz, Darer advance safely from group A


DHS - Group A
Germany Mouz93-0
Ukraine Darer62-1
Denmark TTB31-2
Sweden Keita00-3
The first tournament day of DreamHack Summer is halfway through and saw the teams of group A fighting for a slot in the playoffs. Right from the start, Mousesports and Darer made clear that overthrowing them would require more than an average performance. Keita and TTB on the other hand did not have much to lose, however were not able to challenge either of the Favourites significantly.

In the first two rounds, Darer and Mouz celebrated convincing victories and quickly reached the needed six-point-mark, which let culminating duel between the two emerge to the most interesting match of the day so far.

Following a successful performance against the Ukrainians in GosuLeague earlier this week, Mousesports approached last round in high spirits and managed to snatch the group triumph, which will affect the playoff seeding. A draw after the groupstage will decide wether the mix-team will face the runner-up of group C or group D.

Coming up shortly will be group B featuring Absolute Legends, Quantic, Infused and 4 Friends.

Group A Matches
Europe mousesports1-0Sweden Keita-Gaming
Denmark The Tough Bananas0-1Ukraine Darer
Europe mousesports1-0Ukraine Darer
Sweden Keita-Gaming0-1Denmark The Tough Bananas
Europe mousesports1-0Denmark The Tough Bananas
Ukraine Darer1-0Sweden Keita-Gaming

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