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Keita Gaming: "Darer is probably the favorite"


Pinoy and bonzajajaj spent some minutes before the start of their first game against mouz to speak to Kurtcos in an interview. Concerning their group, they rate Darer as the favorite.

Keita Gaming is in group A together with mousesports, Darer and The Tough Bananas. bonzajajaj pointed out, that when comes to success, the team's chemistry is very important. "Dater is probably the favorite in our group", he said in the interview.

For Pinoy, the DreamHack Summer 2012 is just the second offline event ever. "I'm a bit nervious", to player stated before his first match against mouz, in which the Swedes already lost. Watch the full video interview with Pinoy and bonzajajaj:

Video: YouTube

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