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4FC replaces Virtus.Pro at DreamHack


The Swedish team 4FC replaces Virtus.Pro at the DreamHack Dota 2 Vengeance Cup.

After the short notice of Virtus.Pro denying the participation of the Russian-based team at DreamHack, a replacement team for group B had to be found. DreamHack admins decided to give the slot to a team that was already pre-registered for the BYOC tournament.

Team Virtus.Pro will now replaced by the Swedish team 4Friends+Chrillee. The team is seeded into group B, where it has to play already on Saturday, just as the BYOC tournament would have been. The team's opponents are Team Infused, also from Sweden, team Quantic Gaming and Absolute Legends from Australia.

DHS 12 Teams
Group AGroup B
Europe mouz
Denmark TTB
Ukraine Darer
Sweden Keita
Sweden Infused
United States Quantic
Australia Absolute Legends
Sweden 4FC
Group CGroup D
Ukraine Na`Vi
Sweden CLG
Other BYOC Qualifier
Other BYOC Qualifier
Europe mTw
United States EG
Other BYOC Qualifier
Other BYOC Qualifier

Roster 4 Friends + Chrillee:
Sweden Noez
Sweden Strangby
Sweden Chrillee
Sweden Eresloco
Sweden bom

Source: DreamHack

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