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TTB's s4 talks DreamHack and preparations leading up to it


The Tough Bananas player Gustav "s4" Magnusson is featured on the Swedish site Fragbite.se, as he reveals how he and the other Bananas have prepared for DreamHack.

- "We've been practicing every day for a month with our lineup and it feels nice to know that all that training hasn't been a waste of time," says s4.

The team has been bootcamping in Denmark and spent their time scrimming versus mTw, Na'Vi and Infused to get some practice. To boost the team morale, they also played Counter-Strike and Trackmania. s4 points out that the guys have known each other for many years and get along great, which more than often reflects in the team play and morale.

While initally set to play the BYOC qualifiers with hopes of reaching the group stage, the team received a direct invitation to the group stage and thus replaced Copenhagen Wolves.

- "There wasn't a single doubt in our minds that we would manage to [go through the qualifier], but it's always a good feeling to receive an invite," admits s4.

The fact that their original fifth player neNo will be sitting out will not change anything, says s4 and assure his fans that everyone in their team can play all roles on a high level.

- "CalculuS and me will shift between doing the semi-support role, playing heroes such as Chen and Earthshaker while Link will be playing what he's good at," s4 explains. He added, "At first it was meant for Link to play the semi-support role that neNo is doing, but we decided to use his qualities instead of putting him in a role that he's not used to as his support Sven made Henry cry blood."

s4 and his team mates in The Tough Bananas will enter the DreamHack Vengeance Cup at 14:00 on Saturday, June 16.

Rates Na`Vi as best team at DreamHack
s4 predicts that Mousesports will be their toughest group stage opponent, but with their eyes on the other groups they rate Na`Vi as the favourites to win DreamHack.

- "The only ones that can beat this team when they really care is teams from Asia, and no one from Asia is going to DH, unfortunately."

Source: Fragbite.se

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