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Win 100 Dota 2 Keys during The International Qualifiers - The Winners

Placing bets has never been more fun. We invited you to a raffle where all you had to do was to place at least one bet on the qualifiers for The International 2012 for you to have a chance at one of the 50 Dota 2 beta keys. Today, we present the winners.

Winners of the 50 Dota 2 beta keys
-supernova-, 6ym_6ym, 7_Altair_7, 89killo, agentorange619, am_drag, audiofly, bbylan, Cecatrix, Chrixs, coff.kinstin, crowsenz, DreadiSbaCk, dwade2323, echizen4591, EGteDDyKZ, else_nt, f...youmr.santa, fearthefusion, Fifth, fW-, geock91, goskillshop, greenspleen, JaRodz, JazzIK, joker., JuRien, Lamora, lrz_, Maybe_JoliE, meinherze, Mineski.HyperX, minomoto, mymym, Neko.O, NiamrahC, Player4, RyuOoOOoO, scattygamer, SDauren, shakepear, Sheddy, ShelldonNZ, sheltopusik, slimttfu, thatlazyuy, Trema, wygigt, Zonk3d

Please check your Private messages on GosuGamers.

2,639 of you placed bets, which meant each and every one of you had a 1.9 percent chance of being picked as one of the winners.

Hungry for more keys? Or were you not one of the 50? Check out our GEST GosuBet Championship, where you can win 5 out of 15 keys in the contest, by guessing the right winners on June's edition of GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament.

For the other 50 keys, kindly check your Facebook to see if you were one of the winners in the photo commenting raffle.

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