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World's first BarDota happening in Munich


Two guys from Munich take the idea of BarCraft and adapt it for Dota 2: They call it BarDota. The world's first BarDota is for DreamHack, this weekend in Munich.

BarCraft is the idea of watching Starcraft 2 in a local bar, with the livestream running and you watching together with your friends. This should work for Dota 2 as well, was the thought of two students from a university in Munich.

"We got a great response from the community. We hope we can reach the mark of 150 spectators in Munich, perhaps even more," anticipates Stefan Gigl, one of the two heads of Social eSports, the organization behind this BarDota. The first major offline event of the year 2012, the DreamHack Summer is the reason for this first BarDota happening on Sunday and Monday, 17 June to 18 June.

At least 150 spectators expected in the bar

Dota 2 fans can come to the Campus Cneipe, a student-run bar at the Munich university campus. This bar has already been the location for multiple well attended BarCrafts in Munich. On Sunday, beginning at 12 CET and Monday, beginning at 9 CET, the Dota 2 stream with Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson will be streamed at the location. The packlist for a BarDota is pretty simple according to Stefan Gigl: "All things you should bring are cheerfulness and something to cheer for your favorite team or player."

If this first BarDota is successful, there could be another one in Munich for The International later in summer. Concerning the UEFA Euro happening at the same time, the organizers have made provisions: "We will be streaming with three projectors: One of them will show the Euro2012, so everyone will be able to watch DreamHack Dota 2 and football at the same time."

Dota 2 DreamHack streaming in open air atmosphere

Given this BarDota experiment turns out to be a success, this movement could help Dota 2 to attract more attention, just like the BarCraft movement helped Starcraft 2 raising last year. For now, however, it's DreamHack time. Three days of Dota 2 and the two deciding days can be watched offline, together with friends. Stefan Gigl hopes many fans in the Munich area use this chance: "Great weather, barbecue, beer and Euro2012 will round off the Dota 2 event. The Campus Cneipe is the best place to exchange opinions about Dota, the DreamHack and eSports as a whole."

Are there even more BarDotas for DreamHack, maybe in your hometown? Spread the word, spread the spirit of BarDota in the comments!

More information: Social eSports, Campus Cneipe

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