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DreamHack champion MatriM to sub for Quantic's Mikey


Mikey: "Matrim is a good friend of mine and I'm sure he'll do great."

Matrim to defend his DreamHack title, but with a new team.
Photo by: DreamHack.se
NADotA reports that Quantic Gaming's Michael "Mikey" Wunsch will be sitting out of the DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Cup. The American side will have to do without their usual support player this weekend.

Mikey himself explains what happened in a statement to NADotA:

- "After getting picked up by Quantic, they said they would help pay for my passport, which they did. They PayPal'd the money to Korok. I had no way to receive the money at the time other than Korok wiring me the money. He wired me the money like 2 weeks before the actual event start and when I finally got a chance to go get it done it was within like 8 days of my flight departure. I called every day and yesterday even drove 40 minutes into Buffalo from Niagara Falls and was told it hadn't got there yet," Mikey explained.

- "Sorry for not being able to attend but I will have my passport for future events. I'm just happy me not going doesn't hold them back. Matrim is a good friend of mine and I'm sure he'll do great."

A worthy replacement in the shape of the event's 2011 champion Sebastian "Matrim" Sundström will be called in to replace the American. Matrim played in Troels "syndereN" Nielsen's Wild Honey Badgers that clinched the gold after the grand final win over Fnatic. Since mTw's roster switches earlier in 2012, Matrim has remained a free agent.

Source: NADotA.com

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