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Maelk talks rust, mind tricks versus Loda and team building


MaNia, MiSery, Maelk, PlaymatE and DeMoN at The International.

Photo by: GosuGamers.net

Maelk with team mates at The International.
Photo by: GosuGamers.net

Loda, Snow, kwoM and Maelk.
Photo by: myMYM.com
In an interview with the own website, Jacob "Maelk" Toft-Andersen ratifies rust won't be a factor at all coming in t the DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Cup this weekend.
- "I don’t think rust will be a factor at all. I’m an old dog, and while you may not always be able teach an old dog new tricks, it doesn’t forget the old ones either," says the DotA veteran.

Toft-Andersen is currently at a bootcamp with the other four in the Evil Geniuses party. Other than easier communication and a lot more possibilities to develop gameplans and strategies, Maelk is looking to do a bit of team building with his American mates.

- "I’m planning on doing a bit of team building for the guys, but I’m not quite sure what and how just yet, since I can’t take too much time out of our precious schedule. I do plan on throwing them a party one night though. That’s always a winner!"

While on the party topic, Maelk reveals a story from a tournament in Germany when he and MaNia were subject of mindtricks by long-time opponent Loda. Mindtricks was something he and Loda always enjoyed doing to eachother, especially at offline events. But the alcohol trick Loda had up his sleeve did not affect the Dane.

- "Loda and one of his teammates was drinking with myself, MaNia and some of the admins and tried to get us drunk. We had all been getting our fair share of the bar when they ordered some more beers and a lot of shots and told us to go ahead and start without them while they went to the bathroom," says Maelk. He continues, "Needless to say, they never returned. And we had to play them the next day. But we’re Danish. Alcohol doesn’t hurt our senses or ability to play in any way, so we still defeated them quite easily!"

Evil Geniuses is placed in group D together with mTw and two teams coming from the BYOC qualifier. Their first match in the championship will be on Sunday, June 17 at 12:00 CET. Luckily for Maelk, his mindtrick antagonist is in Singapore.

Source: myEG.net

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