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NEXT.kz send mouz into the lower bracket

NEXT.Kz are the first team into the West Qualifier for The International 2012 as they beat mouz 2 games to 0 to book their slot. Mouz will face mTw tomorrow to fight for the remaining spot.

The Kazakhs have been impressive throughout the whole qualifier and remain the only team yet to drop a game as they swept aside their opponents each time. Against mouz it was more of the same as in Game 1, the Kazakhs pitted Morphling against Anti-Mage, a match-up we're all too familiar with in this qualifiers and just managed to edge out the European mix.

In game 2 we saw an unorthodox battle of ranged carries with mouz deciding to pick up drow ranger against NEXT's Clinkz. NEXT used Clinkz exceptional tower breaking ability combined with the global presence of Natures Prophet to snipe Barracks whilst the rest of the team occupied SingSing and co. With that win, NEXT advances to the Grand Final and mouz drop into the lower bracket.

Mouz will face SyndereN's mTw side, who took down zNation earlier in the day.

Mouz vs mTw is schedule for 16 CET tomorrow with the Grand Final to decide who will take the West spot for The International and a chance at 1 million dollars in Seattle.

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