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DotA Academy is launched

A year of planning and labor has come to fruition for GosuGamers' Wicked and Shostakovich who are proud to present their latest project, DotA Academy - a statistical system compiling all the information you will ever need.

Users can browse statistics on heroes, teams, players and even tournaments from over a thousand matches compiled from major tournaments since The International 2011.

Check out weekly reports on the top players and heroes and as the site reports: 'the numbers are now layed out on the table, it's up to you to draw your own conclusions!'

As the website is still in beta, project managers Wicked and Shostakovich welcome any community input on new utilities and match ideas - meanwhile, the current site already allows users to explore head-to-head probabilities of your favorite teams or even specific lineups that have been run by pro teams. And all this - for free.

For more information, feel free to direct your enquiries to bruno[at]dota-academy[dot]com.

DotA Academy - Official Site

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