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KuroKy: "I can only apologize for the performance"

KuroKy gives first statements after the International West qualifier. In a German Dota forum, he apologizes for VP's performance. A disband of Virtus.Pro is "quite possible" according to the only German the team.

KuroKy was the star player of the newly established Virtus.Pro to be announced with great pomp and circumstance. Now the dream of Virtus.Pro, the qualification for The International 2 in Seattle has failed after losing to both mousesports and zNation in the West qualfier.

"A disband is quite possible"

In the German Dota forum Dotasource, KuroKy apologizes for VP's performance. According to the player who had taken so many different roles in Virtus.Pro's lineup from carry to initiate to Shadow Demon support, it was correct not to invite his team: "VP did not deserve an invite, at all."

Concerning the future of the team, he stresses that The International makes all other Dota 2 tournaments look unattractive. "I don't know myself what will happen to VP. A disband is quite possible", the German player projects. This might not be the fate only for VP, he adds.

Photo from KuroKy's Facebook page

KuroKy will either continue playing or start studying

The next personal steps for Kuro 'KuroKy' Salehi Takhasomi are also not clear for now. According to his forum post, the original plan was to play Dota 2 more professional, as he just finished school and is available for longer trips now. However, now he will also consider starting his studies. "After I know what I want to study after all, that is", KuroKy states.

Source: Dotasource forum post, Fragster

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