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Black: "We will not disband in any case"

Dominik 'Black' Reitmeier from team mousesports says, the main reason for the loss of the second map in the TI2 match against Virtus.Pro was one bad fight.

mousesports is at least among the top three in The International 2 qualifier West. The team's carry player Dominik 'Black' Reitmeier explains the loss in the 75 minute long game against Virtus.Pro: "We unfortunately took the wrong fight which then cost us more or less the game."

Losing such a long-lasting match in a very important game is always a problem mind-wise. "After the defeat we made a ten minute break, because after such a game you first have to get a clear head again," Black explains.

In an interview with Fragster after the upper bracket semi final, Black also explained, that a disband of team mousesports is very unlikely, even if the qualification for Seattle might not be achieved. You can read the full interview over at Fragster.

Fragster: Were you at the limits of intellectual capacity at such a long and intense game?

Black: After the second game it was ok, but after the third game my body started to tremble a bit and my back was hurting. Such intensive games bring the mind in every case to a new level. After we finished the Bo3, three of the five players directly went to bed because they were very tired and exhausted.

Fragster: You had break on Friday and now you have to play on Sunday in the upper bracket finals against NEXT.kz. Your stated goal is to participate in The International. If you cannot reach your goal, what is going on in the team and how do you think will the management response?

Black: The team is not going to change anything anyway. Sure it would not be nice to miss the The International, but if we will, we simply will miss it. We will not disband in any case. In terms of management: They have, even before the final lineup was decided, made clear that they will always behind be us and nothing will change their support.


Source: Fragster

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