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Trust takes a fall to WE in Loser's Bracket


Trust are out of the run for The International.

Our opening match of the day witnessed WE taking on Thai powerhouse Trust in what was two exciting games with tons of buyback and pushing action. WE displayed tremendous form in both games, besting the Thai team in two games, and taking the win in under an hour.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 1

China WEThailand MiTH
windrunner enchantress morphling
shadow shaman lycanthrope chen
clinkz anti mage
enigma lone druid
dark seer natures prophet tidehunter
leshrac invoker earthshaker
pugna vengeful spirit
brewmaster weaver

Trust started the game with good warding and WE responded with aggressive counter warding, hoping to catch out any Observer Wards. The Chinese team decided to solo a Tidehunter at mid lane against Brewmaster, with Pugna and Vengeful Spirit at bot against a Trust's triple lane.

Dark Seer managed to get a good start in the game, with an Invisibility rune and Ion Shell kill on an unsuspecting Leshrac for first blood. Meanwhile, his team were taking towers across the map with Prophet and Pugna while Trust could find no opening in towers.

With all outer towers down by 19 minutes, Trust were forced to fight WE with the entire team as Prophet solo pressured another lane. Brewmaster's Ultimate was used to full effect as WE tried for mid barracks at 22 minutes, and a buyback from Weaver was used to defend the push. WE eventually managed to claim tier 3 tower at mid.

A nice Vacuum and Ravage combo claimed two of Trust's heroes at 30 minutes and gave WE mid barracks. They subsequently went on to try for bot barracks and took out the tier 3 tower instead (buybacks from Brewmaster and Earthshaker were forced), while top lane was also getting pushed - the tier 3 tower at top fell as well.

WE were not about to stop there as they kept Trust busy with a full team fight at bot lane while Prophet sniped top barracks and bot melee barracks. Deciding to take down Roshan later at 35 minutes, the team eventually scored mega creeps and Trust called the GG.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 2

Thailand MiTHChina WE
shadow shaman chen dark seer
windrunner enchantress lycanthrope
lone druid pugna
clinkz morphling
invoker sandking leshrac
natures prophet brewmaster earthshaker
anti mage puck
crystal maiden dragon knight

The name of the game for game one was aggressive tower taking before mid game even hit, and it seemed WE were looking to repeat their success this time around with Brewmaster and Prophet. At mid lane, Dragon Knight's roam along with Prophet gave the Chinese team three early kills sand one tower in the first 8 minutes on crucial heroes Anti-Mage and Puck.

Meanwhile, Brewmaster was able to afford a Phase Boots and Blink Dagger at 10 minutes with the tower and kill gold he earned. Dragon Knight was not contented sitting in a solo lane last hitting as he went along with the entire WE roster claiming five towers in the first 15 minutes. The kill score was 3-10 in WE's favor.

Perhaps, a Vanguard would have served Anti-Mage well as he opted to rush a Battlefury amidst constant pressure from the Dire side. Roshan fell to WE at 20 minutes, and a 4-0 team wipe subsequently went in WE's favor as they took out mid barracks at 22 minutes.

The game was looking ominously like the first - top barracks fell at 27 minutes, bot barracks fell at 29 minutes. Trust could do nothing but watch as the game slipped from their hands, and WE eventually took the victory 10-31. Trust are out - WE proceed on.

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