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Ice sends Mineski back home


Mineski against Ice was one of the two matches of lower bracket round 1. Mineski intentionally changed its roster right before the qualification tournament. In the end, Mineski is the second team to leave the tournament after a 1-2 loss against Ice.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 1

Philippines MineskiMalaysia Ice
lycanthrope dark seer windrunner
chen enchantress leshrac
shadow demon earthshaker
enigma sandking
invoker anti mage tidehunter
natures prophet queen of pain morphling
crystal maiden puck
venomancer vengeful spirit

Prophet did not have an easy time in the early game, giving Anti-Mage two quick kills with dives by Tidehunter and Crystal Maiden. While Anti-Mage took free farm on the bot lane, there was aggressive tower taking on the Malaysian side, and with most of Mineski's outer towers gone, both teams stayed on the defensive.

Opting to farm up their carries, Ice took Roshan at 20 minutes and a second one at 32 minutes, all the meanwhile manoeuvring Morphling, Queen of Pain and Prophet around the map in an attempt to find an opening into Mineski's base.

Their break eventually came at 35 minutes, when Tidehunter enter a full on clash without Ravage and led to a team wipe with only Anti-Mage as the sole survivor. Ice claimed both mid barracks and top tier 3 tower.

Mineski attempted a push after their mid barracks were taken, and got wiped once again near Ice's tier 2 mid tower with only Anti-Mage surviving - it became apparent now that Invoker was too fragile in fights and was getting picked off in a few seconds with Morphling's shotgun combo.

When Ice attempted to enter Mineski's base from the bottom lane, a missed Ravage at 41 minutes still managed to claim three of Ice's heroes, and Morphling lost the Aegis. Another fight near Roshan at 44 minutes forced buybacks from Queen of Pain and Morphling, and Ice eventually did claim the third Aegis and the Cheese.

Not long after, aggressive base dives by Ice lost four heroes but managed to take out all outer towers except top and bot ranged barracks. Mineski regrouped for one last attempt at victory, and a throne race which saw both teams pushing into each other's throne.

Eventually, Ice pulled through and took the win, just as their own throne was left with 4,000 hitpoints.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 2

Malaysia IcePhilippines Mineski
enchantress chen invoker
lycanthrope dark seer natures prophet
anti mage dragon knight
crystal maiden morphling
queen of pain brewmaster earthshaker
windrunner leshrac sandking
ancient apparition lone druid
night stalker clinkz

Bot lane was set to be full of action, with seven kills going off in the first 5 minutes. Night Stalker paid off for Mineski as well, with bot tower and kills going in Mineski's favor. The Filipino team continued to abuse the power of their Night Stalker, with dives on top and mid lane - Queen of Pain, at this stage, kept getting picked off by silences on Night Stalker and Clinkz.

With the Radiance now on Lone Druid, fights picked off in Ice's favor. Roshan went down to Mineski, but in the confusion, Brewmaster managed to grab hold of the Aegis, and with the Radiance, a team fight followed and Clinkz died twice (after the buy back). It almost seemed as if Ice were making a comeback with the Radiance on Lone Druid and clutch Brewmaster/Earthshaker play. Queen of Pain, on the other hand, completed her Linken's Sphere at 36 minutes.

Mineski continued to take down the next two Roshans pretty much uncontested, and managed to trade out a melee barracks at mid as well as a bot tier 3 tower. The break came for Ice when Clinkz, Sand King and Windrunner were caught out and killed, but buybacks followed and Ice were only able to go on to claim a bot tier 3 tower with Sand King's missed Ultimate.

A fourth Roshan went to Mineski and they claimed mid as well as bot barracks. Lone Druid began to suicide for barracks at mid and bot - he was almost successful. Clinkz, on the other hand, took his advance and started backdooring for mega creeps and eventually managed to take off top barracks with his Black King Bar.

Mineski grouped up and stormed into Radiant's base with a horde of mega creeps. The throne slowly dropped for Ice, forcing both teams to a third decider match.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 3

Philippines MineskiMalaysia Ice
lycanthrope dark seer natures prophet
chen enchantress leshrac
invoker sandking
anti mage dragon knight
queen of pain vengeful spirit earthshaker
windrunner crystal maiden morphling
mirana slardar
night stalker tidehunter

In this third game, both Mineski and Ice decided to send a trilane on the top lane. This intentionally resulted in a lot of action with five of the six kills in the first five minutes happening at the top lane. Although Mineski gained a small gold advantage out of these first minutes, this difference was not displayed experience-wise.

The first night phase though changed this equality. While Ice manage to get important kills on their kill-dependent heroes Morphling and Nightstalker, which both start off with 3-0 stats, the fewer Mineski kills even get accounted by Earth shaker, a hero where the use of the farm is limited.

Even before the 20-minute mark, Ice manages to get an all-kill against Mineski, securing the already established lead, further increasing the map control as well. Ice's combination of Morphling, Nightstalker and Windrunner peaks in strength much earlier than the Slardar of Mineski does. After a repetition of the all-kill team fight, Ice can already claim the middle barracks after 22 minutes.

In a secure way of playing, not wanting to throw the game away in any case, Ice decide to grab Roshan and Aegis before the team attempts to take down the second set of barracks. The last teamfight right before the good game gets called showed, however, that in the late game, Slardar might have had a chance to turn the game around.

Ice wins the series 2-1 against Mineski. Mineski thus is out of the qualification tournament, Ice plays on Friday in the lower bracket round 2 either against Aeon or Duskbin.

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