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Keita Gaming out of TI2 West against zNation

Keita Gaming against zNation was the first lower bracket match in the tournament. None of the teams would have liked to leave the tournament first.

The worst possible outcome of a tournament, for which you get one of the rare invites, is a straight two-times loss and an exit in the first lower bracket round. No team wants this outcome, but two teams will have to face it this Thursday nevertheless. Either Keita Gaming or zNation would be one of them.

Game 1: With a Lycanthrope, you can always make a comeback

Keita Gaming allowed zNation to grab a Lycanthrope in the first game, as first pick. In the early game, however, it was Keita Gaming pushing more and tearing down towers fast. Even after 20 minutes, zNation only managed to bring down the Dire top tier 1 tower.

Nevertheless, against Lycanthrope, single mistakes can cause you to lose multiple towers at once. zNation turns the tide against the DPS-carry-lacking Keita Gaming with better mid-game team-fights. After half an hour, the second set of barracks is about to fall for Keita, which call good game.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Russia zNationSweden Keita
invoker lone druid leshrac
broodmother chen brewmaster
riki morphling
sandking enigma
lycanthrope enchantress vengeful spirit
beastmaster natures prophet tidehunter
windrunner queen of pain
mirana crystal maiden

Game 2: Dragon Knight fails to be the right answer to Morphling

In the second game of the series, Keita surprised the viewers with a Dragon Knight pick. Dragon Knight, popular some months ago, was getting out of fashion a bit lately. With these picks, Dragon Knight was a fairly good option to get chain stuns; together with Beastmaster, Shadow Shaman, Enigma and Leshrac every single hero for zNation had a stun. At the same time, Dragon Knight does not have a problem to survive Morphlings burst damage.

Already after 16 minutes, the teams meet at Roshan for a massive team fight, with the slightly better end going to the hands of zNation. Overall, the game transformed into a massacre with 60 kills in half an hour, but also mega creeps within half an hour. Keita was unable to use the early gold and experience advantage and lose game 2 as well. The Dragon Knight pick did not work out successfully.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Sweden KeitaRussia zNation
brewmaster lone druid broodmother
invoker lycanthrope chen
shadow demon windrunner
dark seer sandking
leshrac beastmaster enigma
natures prophet enchantress morphling
shadow shaman dragon knight
vengeful spirit pugna

With these two losses, Keita Gaming is first team out of The International 2 Qualifier West. zNation gets another chance in the lower bracket round 2 on Friday.

Check out more information about the games here!

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