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MSIEvoGT is the first team out of the East Qualifiers


WE are safe from elimination for this round as they take out MSIEvoGT in two games to nil, spelling an end to the latter's road in the East qualifiers. Meanwhile, Ice and Mineski go head to head in round one of the Loser's Bracket - winner stays in the qualifiers.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 1

Philippines MSIevoGTChina WE
lycanthrope invoker dark seer
windrunner enchantress chen
beastmaster vengeful spirit
leshrac crystal maiden
natures prophet morphling night stalker
queen of pain brewmaster shadow shaman
shadow demon sandking
earthshaker lone druid

With a trilane clash at bot lane, Shadow Shaman found himself dying more often than he should to Morphling, Sand King and Shadow Demon, giving MSIEvoGT the early advantage at bot. Meanwhile, an early Radiance and Blink Dagger for Lone Druid and Brewmaster respectively gave WE the ability to come back into the game.

The Chinese team found themselves in control of the game after Roshan fell at 20 minutes and they immediately took out Radiant's outer towers one by one, not giving the Filipino team any chance to come back.

With the Aegis on Lone Druid, WE could now slowly chip away at MSIEvoGT's mid barracks but an over extension saw them lose four heroes plus the Aegis, although they did claim mid melee barracks.

A second Roshan attempt at 31 minutes gave them the chance to claim both bot and mid barracks after a teamfight which went in WE's favor. It was all about finishing at that point in time, and a 5-0 fight at 41 minutes sealed the deal for WE as MSIEvoGT knew they were unable to defend against mega creeps.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 2

China WEPhilippines MSIevoGT
chen enchantress windrunner
invoker dark seer shadow shaman
sandking weaver
lone druid beastmaster
leshrac enigma natures prophet
lycanthrope earthshaker queen of pain
brewmaster storm spirit
broodmother ancient apparition

It was a quiet early game for both sides, with less than five kills in the first ten minutes. Nevertheless, the push came strong from both teams with Queen of Pain and Storm Spirit then leading the charge in ganks as the towers fell down.

Lycanthrope managed to sneak in Roshan at 21 minutes just as WE were playing on the defensive and hoping for Black King Bars to emerge on Storm Spirit, Enigma and Leshrac (it eventually came for all three heroes at 31 minutes).

With that, MSIEvoGT got ambushed while attempting a second Roshan, and a Black Hole that caught both Queen of Pain and Lycanthrope led to a 5-0 team wipe on the back of those Black King Bars. This gave Storm Spirit the Aegis as WE immediately took bot barracks as well as tier 3 towers on both mid and top lanes.

A Blink Dagger and Force Staff Queen of Pain hoped to turn the tides for MSIEvoGT, but it spelt her demise instead as both Lycanthrope and Queen of Pain were caught out at 37 minutes, putting an end to the game with a kill score of 27-12 and the first elimination of a Filipino team from the East qualifiers.

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