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INTERVIEW: The Swede in Singapore - A Loda Tale


GosuGamers editor-in-chief Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand sits down with Zenith's fifth Jonathan "Loda" Berg to talk about the move to Singapore. We go over his role in Zenith, his thoughts on possibly facing CLG in The International and his relationship with Kelly "kellyMILKIES" Ong.

Shortly after his flight landed at the airport in Singapore, GosuGamers reached Swede Jonathan "Loda" Berg to discuss one of the most unusual player transfers in the Dota scene. Due to a personal life change, love to be exact, Berg left Swedish side Counter Logic Gaming to join up with Singaporean quartet Zenith.

- "To be honest, I hope I won't face CLG at TI2. I still root for them in some way and it would be sad if any of us had to kick out the other from the chance of winning the big money," said Loda about the possibility of facing his former team mates in Seattle.

He added, "It would feel a bit weird, but I've faced Pajkatt and Miracle before, there's nothing special with that. The thing that could affect me is the fact that Akke is on the team aswell. It will be hard to go all out on him."

"We have been contacted by a couple of big sponsors"
Loda gives this editor a lesson in the slim-lined organization behind Zenith. However, the Swede reveal that they have been contacted by a couple of big sponsors, but that they want to wait til after The Internatioanl after they sign anything.

- "We have been contacted by a couple of big sponsors, but we have decided to wait until after TI2 to sign anything," says Loda. He added, "though there is a big possibility we will work together with someone for gear and a training place."

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