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WE can't stand against Duskbin

Just a few hours behind the schedule because of Valve time problem fixing, the last match of the first round in TI2 East qualifiers started. World Elite against Duskbin finishes off the day.

Before World Elite played against Duskbin, three matches in the East Qualifier for The International were already played. The wednesday is the most packed day with four best-of-threes in the schedule.

Game 1: Duskbin countering Anti Mage with Lion

In the first game, World Elite tries to keep Anti Mage in the meta game. For many European and even many Asian teams, the amount of farm Anti Mage needs to have a significant impact on the game, is too much, they have removed him from their meta game. Duskbin's reaction on the Anti Mage pick is a Lion, trying hard to get a mid game advantage.

The game deciding moment in this first game is a team clash at Roshan after a bit more than 40 minutes. The more aggressive choice of Faceless Void gives Duskbin the advantage, they win the fight 4 against 1 kill and demonstrate the strength by maintaining the aggression and taking two Barracks. Although World Elite manages to give Anti Mage a triple kill after fifty minutes, the advantage of Duskbin is to big, the Chinese lose game 1.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Philippines DuskbinChina WE
dark seer lycanthrope natures prophet
chen enchantress windrunner
sandking broodmother
slardar dragon knight
invoker earthshaker pugna
leshrac shadow shaman anti mage
lion faceless void
beastmaster vengeful spirit

Game 2: Never change a losing system?!

The second game does not bring a huge switch in hero picks. While World Elite still believes in the power of Anti Mage, Duskbin keeps the Lion as a counter. This time, Duskbin's carry is Morphling, which they manage to lane against the Nature's Prophet. Solo, in the beginning, already very successful, and later with the support of Sandking.

Giving Morphling a very good early game combined with a lot of mid-game team fight potential, is causing a lot of trouble for World Elite. Just like in the first game, the strengths of Anti Mage lie in the late game. World Elite failed to reach this very late game because of a lack of mid game potential. This way, World Elite is forced into the lower bracket of The International 2.

As LD and GoDz pointed out on the stream, this victory of Duskbin against World Elite can also be seen as a demonstration of power from former Heroes of Newerth players, showing they may not be handled lightly in the next days of the qualification tournament.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

China WEPhilippines Duskbin
chen enchantress leshrac
lycanthrope invoker dark seer
enigma earthshaker
venomancer beastmaster
natures prophet anti mage shadow shaman
queen of pain windrunner morphling
vengeful spirit ancient apparition
sandking lion

Schedule for Thursday, 7 June:
12:00 CET: Thailand MiTH vs. China Tongfu
14:30 CET: Philippines MSIevoGT vs. China World Elite
17:00 CET: Malaysia Ice vs. Philippines Mineski

Check out more information about the games here!

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