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OPINION: Sazab's corner: The Problem With Players

e8d5d6ea33338aae11c15f8b8b21fdc4b07446af595efdf37d4838203a.jpgGosuGamers editor Seth "Sazab" Tompkins brings up the current distribution of power in the DOTA2 scene. His editorial piece open discussions as to how talent gets to call the shots.

- "If you follow the convoluted community that is DOTA2 you will notice something strange just about every day. It seems as if the notion of a “team” is treated with almost no regard when compared to any other competitive atmosphere," writes Tompkins in his opinion piece.

- "Every day we see “this player had a feud with this player” or “Artstyle is being a d-bag again” or some other drama that takes a dominant squad and shatters them over petty arguments or circumstances. The liquidity of DOTA2 teams is staggering, especially when you consider the money that flows through the e-sport even while it is still in beta."

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