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Aeon send second Filipino team to Loser's Bracket


MSIEvoGT became the second Filipino team to fall after Aeon emerged victorious from their match-up in the quarter finals of the Winner's Bracket. The Singaporean team will now face the winner of WE and Duskbin, due to go live soon.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 1

Philippines MSI-EvoGTSingapore Aeon
enchantress leshrac natures prophet
lycanthrope dark seer invoker
beastmaster brewmaster
anti mage tidehunter
chen night stalker puck
queen of pain windrunner earthshaker
crystal maiden death prophet
sandking pudge
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An interesting Pudge pick came out from the Singaporean side as they decided to run it how Puppey did in an earlier match against Darer - that is, to run him as a Jungler and abuse the Smoke of Deceit to gain quick levels on stacks. The Filipino team did not seem to expect Pudge in woods and this gave Aeon a couple of early kills on Puck at top lane.

With most of mid game focused on MSIEvoGT's tier one tower at mid lane, both teams shuffled the majority of their roster around the tower but neither towers went down for both sides in ten minutes.

After deciding to abandon their effort at mid, both teams roamed Radiant's jungle and this opened up a ton of kills on the score board, which were considerably even given that Aeon had already established a 14,000 gold advantage by 26 minutes.

What followed in the next few minutes turned the tides for Aeon - both teams had used Smoke in search of kills, and when they eventually did meet each other near the jungle in mid lane, a team fight went 5-1 in Aeon's favor, and the Singaporean team quickly took middle barracks.

Another 5-0 team wipe at bottom tier three barracks a few minutes later almost made it look easy for Aeon, and MSIEvoGT had no choice but to forfeit the game.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 2

Singapore AeonPhilippines MSI-EvoGT
dark seer queen of pain natures prophet
chen enchantress lycanthrope
dragon knight broodmother
sandking leshrac
invoker crystal maiden anti mage
windrunner earthshaker shadow demon
tidehunter brewmaster
night stalker weaver
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Aeon made an unusual decision to lane Anti-Mage solo at mid against Night Stalker and then to put their Invoker at bot lane against MSIEvoGT's triple lane of Shadow Demon, Earthshaker and Nerubian Weaver. This later paid off for the Filipino team after they earned a first blood on the solo Invoker.

Even though MSIEvoGT were coming out even in team fights, it was apparent that they were dedicating their entire team to fights while Aeon had a lone Anti-Mage free farming at empty lanes. The Anti-Mage, though, had maxed Blink and Spell Shield with a single point in stats at Level 11 (and no point in Mana Break).

Dire took the lead at 20 minutes, with a 3,000 gold and experience lead and Anti-Mage still far from completing his Battlefury despite participating little in team fights. It was later bought at 23 minutes.

Meanwhile, Weaver had completed his Radiance and Linken's Sphere at 27 minutes, and a 4-2 exchange that followed later at 30 minutes gave MSIEvoGT melee barracks at mid lane, despite losing the Aegis on Weaver. Things were not looking good for Aeon - Invoker was running on a 2-8 score, while Weaver just finished a Holy Shit streak with 10-0.

A second Aegis was set on Weaver at 33 minutes, and with that two easy team fights were won by MSIEvoGT - a team wipe by Doa's Weaver ended the game at 38 minutes, and him with a 16-0 kill score.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Philippines MSI-EvoGTSingapore Aeon
enchantress natures prophet sandking
dark seer lycanthrope invoker
enigma morphling
dragon knight anti mage
chen earthshaker windrunner
queen of pain night stalker vengeful spirit
broodmother weaver
tidehunter shadow shaman

An awkward first blood was given to Radiant as Vengeful Spirit fell to a jungling Chen while trying to ward the top hill in MSIEvoGT's jungle. The latter then went on to construct early game advantage for Nerubian Weaver at the bot lane, picking off the soft supports such as Vengeful Spirit and Shadow Shaman.

Night Stalker, however, turned the tides for bot lane as constant Teleports made quick kills of Chen and Earthshaker. While MSIEvoGT soon found their groove into the game, holding off Dire's gank attempts, Queen Of Pain was able to offset the gold advantage with 200 cs at 20 minutes and a 2-0 kill death score.

A surprise Blink Dagger on Earthshaker at 25 minutes led to a 3-0 fight in favor of MSIEvoGT as Aeon was pushing tier 2 mid tower. Tidehunter was unable to get off a single Ravage (he had Refresher Orb then).

But this scenario did not repeat itself. Double Ravages and 4-0/5-0 team wipes were the name of the game for Aeon as they were able to take out MSIEvoGT with seemingly no effort at all then the click of two 'V's. One claimed melee barracks at mid, another took off top melee rax, one gave them Roshan, and the last one which can at 48 minutes spelt the doom for MSIEvoGT.

The second Pinoy team has been knocked down to the Loser's Bracket. Aeon advance.

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