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TongFu advance after 2-0 win over Ice


The Malaysian underdogs put up a valiant performance against Chinese powerhouse TongFu, taking them to an hour of play in the second game. Nonetheless, the latter triumphed and will proceed on to the semifinals of the Winner's Bracket, leaving Ice to defend themselves in the Loser's Bracket against Mineski.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 1

Malaysia IceChina TongFu
chen enchantress lycanthrope
anti mage dark seer invoker
sandking dragon knight
earthshaker crystal maiden
windrunner leshrac broodmother
natures prophet queen of pain vengeful spirit
tidehunter slardar
night stalker bounty hunter
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The supports on both teams opted for an aggressive build starting with a pack of Sentry Wards to counter Broodmother and Bounty Hunter respectively. It did pay off for Ice, who were able to take out an unsuspecting SanSheng on the Bounty Hunter for first blood.

The Malaysian team did not stop there as they went on to aggressively push out bottom and mid tier one towers with Leshrac. The purchase of Dusts and more Sentry Wards by Tidehunter also prevented Bounty Hunter from ever meeting the creep line. Meanwhile, Prophet attempted aggressive dives on Windrunner with his global Teleport ability.

When TongFu decided to strike back by gathering together for Ice's mid tier one tower, a huge team fight went in their way which secured the Chinese team a free Aegis following the tower claim.

Following this, TongFu claimed towers whenever they could, and with the arrival of the second night phase, they managed to force a fight which gave them a 5-0 advantage at 33 minutes after Leshrac got caught out. The purchase of three Black King Bars on Bounty Hunter, Night Stalker and Queen Of Pain meant that Slardar got eliminated first during team fights as Ravage had little to no impact.

With a conservative wait on the second Roshan, TongFu stormed middle barracks with yet another Aegis on Queen Of Pain. This time, however, they won the fight easily and took out middle and top barracks. Ice called GG shortly after.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 2

China TongFuMalaysia Ice
natures prophet lycanthrope dark seer
chen enchantress brewmaster
morphling broodmother
vengeful spirit shadow demon
queen of pain windrunner dragon knight
invoker leshrac earthshaker
crystal maiden venomancer
enigma destroyer
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TongFu established an early advantage with a 3-0 kill lead at triple lane top at 4 minutes, while Ice were able to capitalize on mid lane with Invoker getting the upper hand in the exchange - even killing of Radiant's courier and prevent Hao's Dragon Knight from bottle crowing at mid.

With that said, Dragon Knight went with TongFu for towers around the map, opting not to solo farm and forcing fights around Ice's tier one towers. Eventually, a successful smoke gank by TongFu caught Enigma and Earthshaker off guard and gave them a tier 3 tower at middle.

Buybacks from Ice, however, were able to force the entire TongFu roster back and gave them the opportunity to take Roshan down and place the Aegis on Obsidian Destroyer. While Enigma's Black Holes were keeping Ice in the game, an over extension by Obsidian Destroyer at 36 minutes led to a 4-0 team wipe in TongFu's favor, and subsequently mid and top barracks went down.

Even though Ice were able to get Roshan a second time, it seemed that they were not able to capitalize on their advantage. With a hex initiation on at 56 minutes, a huge exchange took place near what was the Malaysian team's naked throne, and a 5-2 team fight which went in TongFu's favor gave them the opportunity to go for the throne.

With the entire roster out of play, TongFu netted themselves their first win and make it to the semifinals of the Winner's Bracket.

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