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Trust dominates Mineski to advance up Winner's Bracket


Announcing a roster change only hours before the East Qualifiers went live (see), the odds were already shaky for the Filipino team, as stream onlookers watched as the Philippine representative crashed out in two easy games for Trust. Mineski get knocked down to the Loser Bracket, and Trust advances.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 1

Philippines MineskiThailand Trust
lycanthrope clinkz leshrac
queen of pain dark seer natures prophet
broodmother vengeful spirit
outworld destroyer anti mage
invoker dark seer crystal maiden
windrunner morphling earthshaker
sandking weaver
lich beastmaster
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Mineski were able to hold off Trust's advances in the early game, getting kills with the global Sun Strike ability as well as the combo of Sand King and Crystal Maiden, who roamed lanes attempting to pick off heroes.

The Thai team, however, adapted quickly to the aggression by mass teleporting their heroes whenever one of their lanes were ganked, forcing Mineski to over extend and get cleaned off by Trust. Such team fights gave Trust the opportunity to claim early towers which placed further pressure on Weaver, who attempted to rush out a Radiance (it came only after 25 minutes).

It seemed like Trust had almost complete control over the game, with huge leads on tower and hero kills, and the Mineski side was forced to farm in their base. At 30 minutes, the Thai powerhouse employed a classic 1-4 push strategy, storming into Mineski's base with Morphling at top lane and the rest at bottom lane.

With a team fight forced at bottom barracks, Morphling easily took the top barracks, and after Mineski sent their heroes to defend top, Trust took bottom barracks. The Philippine team had no choice but to forfeit the game after 30 minutes.

TI'12 East Qualifiers

Game 2

Thailand MiTHPhilippines Mineski
queen of pain windrunner chen
lycanthrope clinkz dark seer
crystal maiden lich
anti mage batrider
invoker leshrac sandking
natures prophet earthshaker morphling
mirana night stalker
vengeful spirit puck
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While Pinoy fans were hoping for a comeback by Mineski in game two, the story took an ugly turn right from the get go with Trust claiming an early first blood on Vengeful Spirit. The latter then opted to continue with their roaming strategy from game one, but Trust were more than ready to counter the ganks with better coordination and powerful nukes on their end.

Invoker, as well, played a vital role this game (compared to the previous) with a better utilization of Sun Strikes and stuns on Trust which could easily set up kills on both top and middle lanes.

As the kills went heavily in favor of Trust along with towers due to the power of Night Stalker, Mineski soon found themselves on a 12,000 gold disdvantage at fourteen minutes and almost zero map vision.

After claiming Roshan, the Thai powerhouse initiated a push into Mineski's base at 20 minutes. Earthshaker, who had sold all his items for a hail mary Blink Dagger, did little as Trust won the subsequent team fight and then the barracks.

A 4-0 teamfight going in favor of Trust at 25 minutes spelt the end of the road for Mineski in the Winner's Bracket. Trust advances with a game two kill score of 39-10.

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