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Mineski changing TI2 lineup in last minute

Mineski splits its Dota roster into DotA 1 and Dota 2 in hope for better results at The International qualifiers.

Mineski has announced its new Dota 2 roster to compete globally. The roster features former Dota 1 players and most notably, Mr. Swish, the former HoN player who was most recently on Duskbin.

With this roster change, Mineski now features a DotA 1 as well as a Dota 2 exclusive lineup. This switch was necessary, because Mineskti has been invited by Valve to participate in the International qualifiers. They will already be competing in East Qualifiers with the new roster today.

Marvin 'Nattefrost' Lu:

"This one was another ground-breaking decision. The whole Mineski team is pleased to announce the new members of the HyperX Dota 2 squad, Lutan, Mr.Swish, Sel, Fox and BG01

Most of us are very familiar with Mr. Swish the former HoN player, Lutan the former rival of Mski.rhOm and being one of the best captains in their era, Fox our former WC3 Dota player, and BG01 one of my best buddies in Mineski. We wish all the good luck to our new squad for all the upcoming Dota 2 tournaments that they will be participating!"

HyperX Mineski Dota 2 roster:
Philippines Marvin "Lutan" Tan (C)
Philippines Marc "Mr. Swish" Parasdas
Philippines Russel "SEL" Sandiko
Philippines Jef "Fox" Fortunato
Philippines Bong "BG01" Silva

Source: Mineski

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