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GDM pauses because of TI2 Qualifier - VODs for the pause

GDM taking a pause because of The International 2 qualifiers in the next days. In the meantime: Check out the VODs of recent GIGABYTE Dota Masters matches.

After the two Malaysia-China matches in the lower bracket round 2 played today, the Gigabyte Dota Masters is going into a pause. Because many of the teams are busy playing in the East qualification tournament of The International 2, there won't be any games from Wednesday until Friday at least.

Upper Bracket Quarters and Lower Bracket Round 1 finished

In the meantime, you can watch all VODs you might have missed in the last days. The list below shows all VODs from the upper bracket quarter finals and the lower bracket round 1. Additionally, the all-Singaporean games between Giggles and AEON from the second lower bracket round are also already uploaded and ready to get watched. The VODs from today's matches will be uploaded and linked as soon as possible. The match iG vs. Ice is the only match from the lower bracket round 2 which will be played after the TI2-break.

Especially worthwhile are the two marked matches between LGD and EHOME respectively DK and iG. Don't miss these games when wrapping up the playoffs of the Gigabyte Dota Masters.

VODs Gigabyte Dota Masters Playoffs
Upper Bracket Quarter Final
China EHOMEvs.China LGD
Game 1
Game 2 (ROTW)
Malaysia Icevs.China WE
Game 1
Game 2
Malaysia Orangevs.Singapore AEON
Game 1
Game 2
Singapore Zenithvs.China Tongfu
Lower Bracket Round 1
China DKvs.China iG
Game 1 (RR)
Game 2
Australia Big Playsvs.Malaysia Inv-Red
Game 1
Game 2
Malaysia MUFCvs.Australia absolute Legends
Game 1
Game 2
Australia sqLvs.Singapore Giggles
Lower Bracket Round 2
China iGvs.Malaysia Ice
after TI2 East
Malaysia Inv-Redvs.China EHOME
VOD coming soon
Malaysia MUFCvs.China Tongfu
VOD coming soon
Singapore Gigglesvs.Singapore AEON
Game 1
Game 2

Gigabyte Dota Masters Prize Money:
1. $3000
2. $1250
3. $750

More Information: Gigabyte Dota Masters

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