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Fnatic announces PLAY RaidCall Dota 2 Cup #3

It's winner takes all in the latest edition of the Fnatic PLAY RaidCall Dota 2 Cup, the third tournament since CLG and coL victories in the first two. $500 is up for grabs for 64 lucky teams as well as a Fnatic M.A.S.K backpack for the Most Valuable Player.

Last season, Complexity Gaming went up against Quantic (then ex-GoSu) in the finals of the second cup after defeating American powerhouse EG in the semi-finals. They later triumphed over the latter and took home the $500 cash prize as well as the MVP title won by TC.

This fate of this season, however, is open-ended and up to sixty four teams who will begin their journey up the bracket starting this Saturday, 9th June, at 19:00 CET. The tournament will feature a best-of-one, single elimination brackets up till the semi-finals, which will be best-of-three.

Registration is open to everyone so interested teams should apply at the following link. Queries should be directed to [email protected] with more information regarding registration available here.

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