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Relive the best games from The International 2011

The East and West qualifier of The International 2 is upon us. 16 teams fight from tomorrow on for two last slots in Seattle. Bring yourself into the right mood with the best VoDs from the Gamescom tournament in Cologne last year.

Time for nostalgia: In mid-August, The International 1 at the Gamescom, in Cologne, opened the Dota 2 world for public broadcasts with a $1,000,000 first prize tournament. Now, the qualifiers for East and West are happening online. Regain the International feeling with the best games from last year, according to editorial choice.

Grand Final: Na'Vi vs. EHOME, Game 2 of 5

Ukraine Na`ViChina EHOME
anti mage spectre
night stalker ancient apparition
earthshaker sandking
slardar lich
chen mirana viper
natures prophet storm spirit doom bringer
tidehunter pudge
vengeful spirit venomancer

Na'Vi playing Pudge, for the first and only time in the tournament. They do this in the $1,000,000 match against EHOME. But did it work against the Chinese powerhouse?

Watch Na'Vi vs. EHOME on play.GosuGamers.net

Grand Final: Na'Vi vs. EHOME, Game 4 of 5

Ukraine Na`ViChina EHOME
anti mage spectre
night stalker ancient apparition
vengeful spirit venomancer
mirana viper
chen beastmaster slardar
natures prophet storm spirit doom bringer
weaver puck
sandking lich

EHOME really liked the combination of Nature's Prophet, Storm Spirit and a Doombringer. Once again they want Doombringer to become huge and manage to give him a rather fast Radiance. Is that enought to stop the Ukrainians push?

Watch Na'Vi vs. EHOME on play.GosuGamers.net

Lower Bracket Round 1: OK.Nirvana.cn vs. Mineski, Game 1 of 1

China ok.Nirvana.cnPhilippines Mineski
night stalker chen
spectre lich
pugna anti mage
tidehunter venomancer
vengeful spirit weaver beastmaster
earthshaker ancient apparition clockwerk
enigma windrunner
mirana slardar

In this upset-causing game between the Chinese roster of OK.Nirvana and the Filipinos of Mineski, a beautiful demonstration of distracting the enemy while tearing down the barracks can be seen.

Watch OK.Nirvana.cn vs. Mineski on play.GosuGamers.net

Upper Bracket Quarter Final: MYM vs. Scythe.SG, Game 1 of 1

Denmark MYMSingapore Scythe.SG
windrunner spectre
chen pugna
puck storm spirit
venomancer dazzle
natures prophet shadow shaman slardar
enchantress tidehunter mirana
leshrac dark seer
sandking razer

It's all about the early game pressure! Scythe.SG grabs a lead due to pressuring, did the team turn this lead into a success?

Lower Bracket Round 2: Mith.Trust vs. Tyloo, Game 1 of 1

Thailand Mith-TrustChina Tyloo
lich weaver
sven anti mage
enigma enchantress
venomancer ancient apparition
earthshaker windrunner night stalker
witch doctor vengeful spirit beastmaster
leshrac morphling
clockwerk spectre

Linken's Sphere on a Morphling, hide if you can! This game about farming from the first minute on. Can Thailand keep up with China when it comes to carrying?

Watch Mith.Trust vs. Tyloo on play.GosuGamers.net

Lower Bracket Round 2: MUFC vs. OK.Nirvana.int, Game 1 of 1

Malaysia MUFCUnited States OK.Nirvana.INT
night stalker slardar
lich spectre
enigma windrunner
chen weaver
crystal maiden tidehunter morphling
beastmaster shadow shaman vengeful spirit
puck doom bringer
anti mage earthshaker

And this one is the best nail-biter! Who's gonna win? You'll never know, until the throne has fallen. MUFC and OK.Nirvana.int both didn't want to give up the knock-out game lightly.

Watch MUFC vs. OK.Nirvana.int on GosuGamers.net

Timetravel: 10 months after

Since the first International, the game has developed massively. Which games are going to be the best of the pre-International online East and West qualifier games happening from 6 June to 10 June?

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