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GDM Round 2 Ding, Ding!

The best and most well recognized teams from the 'East' region have been competing for their share of the $5000 Gigabyte Dota2 Masters prize pool. This tournament has now reached the Semi finals stage, On that note prepare for 'East' Dota2 at it's finest.

Semi Final - Winners Bracket
Match AChinaLGD GamingVSChinaWorld Elite14:00 CET15/6 Friday
Match BMalaysiaOrange E-sportsVSSingaporeTeam Zenith Next week

Winners Bracket Breakdown:

Match A
LGD Gaming v World Elite

This match up will consist of the Chinese teams LGD Gaming and World Elite. Both teams have been quiet in Dota2 until participating in the Gigabyte Dota2 Masters. The addition of Chinese style game-play has seen some interesting match ups of late. WE recent loss to Tongfu in the East TI Qualifiers, has shown that they are a strong team with room for improvement. Will WE salvage some pride and bring themselves to defeat a International Invitee?

Match B
Zenith Gaming v Orange Esports

The match will be easily one of the most anticipated games of the season. Since the addition of Loda, Team Zenith have really grown strong as a team and with the leadership hyhy, there's no doubt that the team will continue to bank rank. Though their string of successes, will it be enough to stop Malaysian domination? Orange E-sports have been taking names for months now in the Dota2 scene. Their recent win over Invasion-Red at MSI Gaming DotA Tournament shows that they're in form and a formidable opponent.

Losers Bracket Match Ups - Round 3
SingaporeAeonVSChinaTongfu16:00 CET14/6 Thursday
ChinaInvictus GamingVSChinaEHOME15:00 CET17/6 Sunday

Match C
EHOME v Invictus Gaming

EHOME is currently one of the favourites to win the Gigabyte Dota2 Masters on all counts. Standing in the favourites way though is another Chinese team Invictus Gaming. This team continues to fly under the radar whilst pumping out consistent results. Invictus Gaming should be confident in their ability, due to yesterdays win over ICE in the Quarter finals, so EHOME best not underestimate their fellow country men.

Match D:
Aeon v Tongfu

Aeon have an incredible track record of late and the team is starting to lose the title 'That other Singapore team'. For months the team have been consistent with their results in a bid to achieve an invite to International. Their defeat at the International Qualifiers to WE saw them miss the opportunity to attend Valves International. WE was then defeated by the team who they are to be playing against 'Tongfu'

Strength, consistency, discipline, teamwork all these teams have the quality of champions, alas! only one can claim the position.

What are your predictions for the upcoming week?

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