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Win 100 Dota 2 Keys during The International Qualifiers

GosuGamers.net will raffle a total of 100 Dota 2 keys during the East and West Qualifiers of The International 2. Check out GosuBets as well as Facebook.

You don't have access to Dota 2 yet? Some of your friends are still missing in your Dota 2 friends list? During the qualification tournaments of The International 2, which happen from Wednesday, June 6 to Sunday, June 10, GosuGamers will raffle a total of 100 Dota 2 keys to the community.

Bet on at least one of 28 GosuBets to win

For half of the keys, 50 in total, GosuBet is the place to seek. The East and the West Qualifier are 8-team double-elimination tournaments. That makes 28 matches in total during the five days of Dota 2 action. Everyone who bets at least on one of the TI2 qualification matches participates in the Dota 2 key raffle. Check out the GosuBet overview for Dota 2 in order to find all GosuBets as soon as they are available.

Comment or like GosuGamers.net photos on Facebook

The other half of the keys, again 50 keys in total, will be distributed over on Facebook. Check out the GosuGamers.net fan page to like the page, if you are not a fan already. In the following days, until Sunday, 10 June, the second way to win one of the Dota 2 keys is to either comment of like the photos uploaded on GosuGamers.net during that time.

From Wednesday to Sunday, make sure to also watch the livestream of GosuGamers's caster David 'GoDZ' Parker for more Dota 2 key chances.

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