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West Qualifier Brackets announced

The brackets for the West Qualifier of The International have been annouced. mTw vs. VP is probably the top match of round 1.

Valve has seeded the eight participating teams of the West Qualifier. The brackets for the double-elimination tournament are now set. At the same time, a detailed time schedule for the five day tournament hosted by joinDOTA has been published.

mTw vs. Virtus.Pro already in round 1

Because of the enormous density of top teams in this qualifier, it was clear at least one highly anticipated game would happen in round 1 already. With the seedings now published, mTw versus Virtus.Pro is probably the most promising match in the first round. mTw, having trained a lot since their roster change and Virtus.Pro, most likely highly motivated again to play the International qualifier.

The other matches of the first round are mousesports versus Infused, Quantic against zNation and Keita Gaming versus NEXT.kz. This way, the quality of the other first round matches is not significantly worse than mTw against Virtus.Pro. Because of the tournament being double-elimination, every single team will play on the second day as well.

Team 1vs.Team 2DateTime
Europe mTwvs.Russia Virtus.Pro6 June15 CEST
Sweden Keitavs.Kazakhstan NEXT.kz6 June18 CEST
United States Quanticvs.Russia zNation6 June20 CEST
Europe mousesportsvs.Sweden Infused6 June22 CEST
LB Round 1
7 June15 CEST
LB Round 1
7 June18 CEST
UB Round 2
7 June21 CEST
UB Round 2
8 June15 CEST
LB Round 2
8 June18 CEST
LB Round 2
8 June21 CEST
LB Final
9 June15 CEST
UB Final
9 June18 CEST
Consolation Final
9 June21 CEST
Grand Final
10 June17 CEST

Source: joinDOTA

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