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The International 2012 - A look at the East Qualifiers


For eight South East Asian teams, it is their last chance to qualify for Dota 2's most prestigious event of the year. GosuGamers will be there for all the thrills and spills of the East qualifiers, where the Philippines and Thailand will fight for their chance to be represented in Seattle later this year.

Your commentator for the five days, David "GoDz" Parker, shares his insight on what looks to be a tight double elimination bracket.

China - Malaysia
China TongFuMalaysia Ice

Gosu Ranking: #43
Statistics: 3-2 (60%)

China Chen "Hao" Zhihao
China Zhang "Mu" Pan
China Zhao "Kabu" Kai
China Ye "Awoke/Qeki" Liang
China Wang "Sansheng" Zhaohui

Gosu Ranking: #32
Statistics: 13-6 (68%)

Malaysia Lim "Bboy" Ewe Wei
Malaysia Soon "Bruce Lee" Sien Sein
Malaysia Lok "Gigolo" Wai Kent
Malaysia Ooi "WeNz" Woo Boon
Malaysia Ng "n|chx" Aik Huang Nicholas
Predictions: China TongFu > Malaysia Ice

China TongFu

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: With most of the remnants of the WC3 Panda organization, this is a team with a massive amount of skill, potential, and popularity. Besides, who doesn't love Hao?

Few people had even heard of this team or expected much, until they stunned Zenith in a recent bo3 in the GDM, taking game 1, having a fairly even game 2 they ultimately lost, and a very epic game 3 I felt they should have won if not for a few un-characteristic mistakes I feel their unfamiliarity with Dota 2 caused. This team is a team I could see even getting a high placing at TI-2 with their current progress.

Rating: 10/10

Malaysia Ice

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: Well, a clean sweep in their GDM, but unfortunately I still feel they are heavy underdogs here. Since, they have had average showings in PD2 and had a few tough losses. Also, their wins came over struggling Pinoy teams (and ones not even with full rosters) as well as some fairly straight-forward wins over Giggles/Big Plays.

Their one "big" win was over TongFu who were crippled by having their manager as a standin as well as the disgruntled LanM still in the team despite his wishes to join EHOME. Time to step it up Ice.

Rating: 5/10

Philippines - Thailand
Philippines MineskiThailand Trust

Gosu Ranking: #54
Statistics: 19-20 (49%)

Philippines Joshua "owa" Dela Serna
Philippines Ralph Richard "RR" Peñano
Philippines Fernando "AsD" Mendoza
Philippines James Kenneth "wootz" Inabangan
Philippines Ryan "Jay" Qui

Gosu Ranking: #34
Statistics: 18-22 (45%)

Thailand Pipat "LaKelz/LK" Prariyachat
Thailand Chanon "aabBAA" Chiwpreecha
Thailand Aphinan "l3nu" Phasue
Thailand Trai "TrinaKub/TnK" Akaravinak
Thailand Nattapong "r5r5" Petkong
Predictions: Philippines Mineski < Thailand Trust

Philippines Mineski

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: The fan favorites, that's for sure, but much like MiTH's consistency, fan support will not win you games! They are unproven in Dota2 having some questionable results recently, although if you do go far enough back they did post strong LAN results against the likes of Orange.

It's really up to these guys to buckle down and just put in the hard hours to acclimatize to Dota 2 and they may cause some upsets.

Rating: 6/10

Thailand Trust

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: Well a strong, oh-so-consistent team that never disappears from the competitive scene. They are the epitomy of a stable team. But, stable does not win you tournaments. MiTH currently over rely on a few heroes in their big games against the top teams; they seem to really struggle when they don't get their hands on their comfort heroes, and don't offer much variety with their style of play.

Hopefully they use this time to practice and prepare some lineups to catch teams by surprise.

Rating: 7/10

Singapore - Philippines
Singapore AeonPhilippines MSIEvoGT

Gosu Ranking: #21
Statistics: 16-15 (52%)

Singapore Alan "King" Ter Liang Ming
Singapore Su "Shadow/Kiosaii" Wei Han
Singapore Kenneth "Ken" Lee
Singapore Wong "Warnutz" Jeng Yih
Singapore Garry "ZanQtreeS/BOB" Yang
Singapore Patrick "Xul-" Kwan

Gosu Ranking: #465
Statistics: 0-3 (0%)

Philippines Angelo "Doc/8D" Docosin
Philippines PJ "DoA/12" Bondal
Philippines Fernando "Nando" Mendoza
Philippines Kimuel "LeumiK/17" Rodis
Philippines Patrick "JyC/19" Pascua
Predictions: Singapore Aeon > Philippines MSIEvoGT

Singapore Aeon

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: A team who have proven they can cause an upset on even some of the biggest names. However, I do feel their upsets came at timely times: a struggling DK of recent, and an out-of-form AL.

Not to take anything away from the Singaporeans, they did in fact beat DK a second time in the group stage and really solidify themselves as the clear #2 in Singapore behind Zenith. The main problem seems to be they are only 50:50 vs these top teams after suffering losses to Orange and EHOME as of late.

Rating: 8/10

Philippines MSIEvoGT

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: Another team who have so far had a rough time with their switch to Dota 2, even resulting in their team initially deciding to focus on WC3 DotA. However, unfortunately for them (haha) they were so dominant in the Philippines in WC3 DotA they earned themselves an invite to try prove themselves once again in Dota 2.

But this is the real deal. Not your GDM where they felt a bit out of their league. This is Valve's International Qualifier and they are 1 in 8 teams who may go. I know they've already started training, so let's hope for the best.

Rating: 6/10

China - Philippines
China WEPhilippines Duskbin

Gosu Ranking: #20
Statistics: 5-2 (71%)

China Wei "Fnty" Lingfeng
China Chen "Chan/Yaodao" Zhixi
China Wang "Icy" Peng
China Luo "Luo" Yinqi
China Wang "Jiejie" Bingjie

Gosu Ranking: #9
Statistics: 28-6 (82%)

Philippines Michael "ninjaboogie" Ross
Philippines Mark "Cast" Pilar
Philippines Jundell "Arsian" Navaja
Singapore Chester "LeiAiSher" Lum
Predictions: China WE > Philippines Duskbin

China WE

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: Well it's a Chinese team. So I have high expectations, and will probably slightly overrate them (based on their games so far and initialy scrims they'd be closer to a 5-6). But, the thing is, these Chinese teams have massive experience in these big games.

They also have proper training conditions and supportive organizations that will provide WE the perfect conditions to prepare for this trial. Will they be ready? I'm still doubting myself.

Rating: 7/10

Philippines Duskbin

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: A team of up and downs and mixed results, not to mention have a bit of a rollercoaster ride with some recent drama to their roster. Duskbin got elimnated early after suffering defeats to sqL and Invasion-Red in the GDM, but have since bounced back - winning the jD SEA Open and currently sitting undefeated in the PD2 non-pro Asia division; they have multiple wins over AEON including on LAN; and have had some very strong, albeith somewhat inconsistent, results.

Let's hope their replacement for MrSwish can fill his shoes!

Rating: 6/10

Closing words...

498180c28424c7e2df55188a1c070a84d29d8650bd0e3fc2c7771caf64.jpgDavid "GoDz" Parker: Call me a pessimist, a realist, or just plain wrong, but I feel this qualifier may not see many surprises (that's not to say I'm not excited for the games to come). With all respect to the teams competing, I don't feel WE are in strong enough form currently to be a huge threat, although they are one of the teams who may surprise.

Additionally, I feel MiTH, despite their consistency, are likely to disappoint their fans as teams tend to figure them out very quickly. With Ice becoming slightly over-rated due to their easy GDM group, we get left with TongFu and AEON likely to fight over that top spot.

The problem here is that TongFu appear so damn strong, and as mentioned are a team I would expect to reach a very high placing even at the main event itself.

Now what's left? The Pinoy teams! Fanboy-mode aside, these are the most unpredictable teams and the ones who will add the spice to this tournament. They have the potential to produce some great upsets and provide exhilierating games to watch. They have the potential to be the true darkhorses in this qualifier. They also have the potential to flop.

So with all said and done, I think for once the community must hope for these Filipino's to emerge from their WC3 DotA caves and provide a show during this qualifier, as otherwise it may become a somewhat ordinary affair.

What are your predictions?

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