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Tfg from MUFC talks about The International

MUFC has accomplished much throughout their Dota2 career. Winning premier events like WCG Asian Championships, JD Masters III and the E-Club Evolution Blitzone Challenge (Malaysia). The electronic sports team claim to fame doesn't stop there, ranking in events such as the Malaysian Invitational (Kuala Lumpur) and the Razer Invitational Showcase (Singapore). Tfg on behalf of MUFC has agreed to participate an interview about Dota2 and the MUFC invite to 'The International'.

Silver at Invasion

Tell us a little about MUFC?

Tfg: MUFC was formed around 2009. I been with the team since it was founded, but due to my studies at the time (2009), I left to focus on my studies.

Your journey through the Gigabyte Dota2 Masters has been far from disputed. Going 4/1 in the group stages but sadly the bracket suffered two tiebreaks. This eventually led to the GDM admin team decision to use the time-score method. The method determined who would proceed to the winner’s bracket and who would be dropped to the loser’s bracket. When notified of the results, how did the team respond?

Tfg: After suffering the loss to LGD and also the win over Orange we thought we would've been in the winner bracket but knowing we had taken a long time to beat Orange did make us realize that there was a possibility of us dropping into the loser bracket.

After a string of successes and the team's recent feats in the Gigabyte Dota2 masters. The invite was still all but unpredictable due to many great teams awaiting an invite. What was the reaction of the team when you received the invite to Valves 'The International?

Tfg: We were quite shocked to hear the news and were extremely happy. We had actually given up hope on getting a direct invite and had plan to play the qualifiers. We didnt think the last 2 slots were going to be given to any teams on the east side.

Sharky striking a pose

Is MUFC ready to take on the International? What kind of preparation can the scene expect from MUFC leading up to the International?

Tfg: We are definitely going to be training a lot after receiving the invitation and I hope we will be at our peak at the international. We are currently discussing our plans about boot-camp.

The Eastern Qualifiers contain some of the most competitive and successful teams in their respective regions, who do you; think will claim the eastern spot in The International line-up?

Tfg: Either Aeon or tongfu. We shall see though whether the other teams have anything up their sleeve.

On the same note which team do you see claiming the west wildcard?

Tfg: Mouz or mTw.

Having a wealth of knowledge Sharky has become one of the most successful captains in e-sports history does the team trust in his abilities to take the team to levels never thought possible?

Tfg: Yes, Of course ! I cant answer for my teammates but I do trust him with every decision made by him and will never question it.

MUFC Training Session

Malaysian Dota2 teams are being recognized globally. Has the community Grown to match the success of these teams in Malaysia in terms of Dota2 and e-sports in general?

Tfg: The community in Malaysia is always good but sadly little support from sponsors and the government has made it hard for gamers to turn professional.

Electronic Sports growth in Malaysia has been Orange's mission statement Since they were established; does MUFC share the same passion?

Tfg: Yes , of course. But I would think we have different goals for the growth of e-sports in Malaysia.

Dota2 although just out of beta phase, what do you think it's currently lacking?

Tfg: I actually kind of like the way the game is turning out and I'm sure by the time its done , it will definitely be a it's own game compared to dota.

If you could port any hero from dota into dota2, ready for game play which character would it be and why?

Tfg: Rubick. Because I have always thought this hero is very imbalanced and would love to see teams picking it in The International !

Lastly have you got any shout-outs you would like to make?

Tfg: To my friends and family who have always been supporting me , I wont let you guys down ! To all our fans, we really appreciate you guys supporting us even when nobody believed in us . Also shout-out to our sponsors and also our founder Jerry! Not forgetting Andy from Invasion thanks for your support.

MUFC Roster:
Malaysia Raymond 'Sharky' Wong Kie Yong (C)
Malaysia Daniel 'TooFuckingGood / Garfield' Wong Wei Khit
Malaysia Nick 'Silvercross' Lim Chang Sheng
Malaysia 'Ling' Sim Woi Cheong
Malaysia 'Net' Lim Wai Pern

MUFC Dota - Professional Malaysian Dota Team

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