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The International 2012 - East

Which region are you rooting for to take the crown this September? Let us know here!

16 teams, 3 days, 1 winner.

The International 2012 is Dota 2's crowning glory, and only the creme de la creme of the game's finest will meet head-on in a kaleidoscopic flash of pure Dota 2 action. Team East will feature four Chinese teams and three South East Asian teams.

GosuGamers takes you through a little sneak peak of the invited teams - with two more awaiting us in the qualifiers, due to be played over five days. Note: these ratings are based on their expected performance at The International, as opposed to their current performance.

China China China

Team China
China DK

DK eSports

Gosu Ranking: #37
TI'11 Placing: N/A
Statistics: 11-10 (52%)

China Xu "Burning/AAA" Zhilei
China Xie "Super/Yueru" Junhao
China Bai "rOtk_xb" Fan
China Huang "LongDD" Xiang
China Zhou "Zippo" Xiong


All Time*
China DK eSports0-0Ukraine Natus Vincere
China DK eSports0-0Ukraine Darer
China DK eSports0-0Russia Moscow Five
China DK eSports0-0Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
China DK eSports0-0United States Complexity Gaming
China DK eSports0-0United States Evil Geniuses
China DK eSports4-1Australia Absolute Legends
China DK eSports1-3China EHOME
China DK eSports0-1China Invictus Gaming
China DK eSports0-0China LGD
China DK eSports0-1Singapore Zenith
China DK eSports0-1Malaysia Orange
China DK eSports1-0Malaysia MUFC
We say...

The story of DK's dominance in DotA is a story that echoes throughout both the South East Asian and the European scene. The match up between Na`Vi and DK at last year's World DotA Championships was also a feast for the eyes for fans on both sides, and both games. As a team which has not seen a roster change in nine months, it is safe to say that these players are basically one another, and the million dollars is also theirs to win together as a team.

Compared to other Chinese teams like World Elite and EHOME, DK made the switch to Dota 2 late - 'too late' perhaps, is a call reserved for September 2nd, when all is revealed after two months of intense preparation.

Already netting four wins against Absolute Legends since their foray into Dota 2, it seems as if DK's formidable team play and coordination - which were, by no means, defined as 'farm oriented' back in DotA compared to their counterparts - is transferring smoothly into Valve's integrated mechanics.

Out of the four invited Chinese teams, DK carry the most potential to take down Na`Vi (if anyone in China can) at this year's The International. Mark these words.

Rating: 8/10
Last Change: The Great Chinese Reshuffle: Part two
*All-time records ignore roster changes and tracks results since the last TI'11. Last updated - June 02.

Team China


Gosu Ranking: #19
TI'11 Placing: First Runner's Up
Statistics: 26-13 (67%)

China Zhou "KingJ" Yang
China Lei "xwkkx/Dai" Zengrong
China Zhang "NUZ/PLT/Lanm" Zhicheng
China Zhang "Perfect_CaT" Miaolong
China Yao "QQQ/357/Rcc" Yi
Winnings - $257,500

2nd - The International @ Gamescom, Cologne (2011)
2nd - Electronic Sports World Cup, Paris (2011)
3rd - World Cyber Games Asian Championship, Jakarta (2011)
1st - joinDota Masters VII (2011)
All Time*
China EHOME0-2Ukraine Natus Vincere
China EHOME2-0Ukraine Darer
China EHOME0-0Russia Moscow Five
China EHOME0-0Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
China EHOME0-0United States Complexity Gaming
China EHOME0-0United States Evil Geniuses
China EHOME1-1Australia Absolute Legends
China EHOME3-1China DK eSports
China EHOME1-0China Invictus Gaming
China EHOME0-1China LGD
China EHOME1-3Singapore Zenith
China EHOME2-0Malaysia Orange
China EHOME1-1Malaysia MUFC
We say...

Never discredit a team with as legendary a name as EHOME - this was the lesson taught to teams at last year's event just as fans were favoring the more stable Chinese teams like iG and LGD. EHOME, who had since lost their carry Burning and KingJ to DK and were performing sub-par at best in Chinese DotA, were suddenly primed to take the championship away from Na`Vi in the grand finals.

The set-up, however, was too good to be true and EHOME never really found a way to crack the Ukrainian defense as the latter defeated them in a grand finals again in Paris, France for ESWC'11 months later. It was a finals that was, in Dendi's words, surprisingly easy compared to the group stage and playoff matches that the team had to play to meet EHOME.

As EHOME slowly lost its members with the retirement of 820 and the loss of sponsorship interest, it soon became evident that the team was falling apart. But the sudden revitalization of EHOME with the addition of ex-EHOME trio KingJ, 357 and Dai meant that the team was back in its groove. With members PCT and Lamn, EHOME will hopefully linger on a little while longer at this year's event - they are, after all, the kings of DotA (at least three of them were).

Rating: 7/10
Last Change: 357, KingJ, Dai join EHOME
*All-time records ignore roster changes and tracks results since the last TI'11. Last updated - June 02.

Team China
China iG

Invictus Gaming

Gosu Ranking: #99
TI'11 Placing: 5th/6th
Statistics: 6-7 (46%)

China Chen "Zhou" Yao
China Luo "Ferrari 430" Feichi
China Jiang "YYF" Cen
Malaysia Wong "Chuan" Hock Chuan
China Zeng "Faith / WAQT" Hongda
Winnings - $35,000

5th/6th - The International @ Gamescom, Cologne (2011)
All Time*
China Invictus Gaming0-1Ukraine Natus Vincere
China Invictus Gaming0-0Ukraine Darer
China Invictus Gaming0-0Russia Moscow Five
China Invictus Gaming0-0Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
China Invictus Gaming0-0United States Complexity Gaming
China Invictus Gaming0-0United States Evil Geniuses
China Invictus Gaming0-0Australia Absolute Legends
China Invictus Gaming1-0China DK eSports
China Invictus Gaming0-1China EHOME
China Invictus Gaming0-1China LGD
China Invictus Gaming0-0Singapore Zenith
China Invictus Gaming0-1Malaysia Orange
China Invictus Gaming0-1Malaysia MUFC
We say...

Coming straight from DotA, iG's switch to Dota 2 was met barely weeks later with their invitation to the game's most prestigious event of the year. It was almost as if they had earned their ticket on pure DotA achievements alone and zero Dota 2 merit.

While this may be the case, iG is a team of five talented players who demonstrated that DK are not the only powerhouse in China at last year's SMM, a tournament which was, to most, a walk in the park for Invictus Gaming. With only thirteen games played, the team has a lot of catching up to do - and we mean, a lot - if they want to compete internationally but on the back of Zhou's captaining and Chuan's roar, that feat may just be possible.

Rating: 7/10
Last Change: Invictus Gaming is down to five
*All-time records ignore roster changes and tracks results since the last TI'11. Last updated - June 02.

Team China
China LGD


Gosu Ranking: #99
TI'11 Placing: N/A
Statistics: 5-2 (71%)

China Liu "Sylar/1220" Jiajun
China Zhang "xiao8" Ning
China Yao "Yao/XiaoD" Zhengzheng
Macau Leong "DDC" Fat-meng
China Xie "DD/Tia" Bin


All Time*
China LGD0-0Ukraine Natus Vincere
China LGD0-0Ukraine Darer
China LGD0-0Russia Moscow Five
China LGD0-0Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
China LGD0-0United States Complexity Gaming
China LGD0-0United States Evil Geniuses
China LGD0-0Australia Absolute Legends
China LGD0-0China DK eSports
China LGD1-0China EHOME
China LGD1-0China Invictus Gaming
China LGD0-0Singapore Zenith
China LGD1-1Malaysia Orange
China LGD1-1Malaysia MUFC
We say...

LGD have performed surprisingly well since they entered Dota 2, netting wins against EHOME, iG, Orange and MUFC. As another team with a legendary name, the LGD of 2012 may not be the LGD with ZSMJ that we all know, but they are definitely a team that should not be taken lightly.

The upside of having virtually no experience playing against most of the invitees is that most of the invitees literally do not know what to expect. The separation of East and West has always left the clash an anticipated and much discussed one, and even with the improved servers and matchmaking ease that Valve has brought with Dota 2, these two regions have rarely met each other online, let alone offline.

Expect LGD to bring classic Chinese strategy into play, and watch how Europe, with their current lead in the metagame, reacts. Our bet is the latter will pull ahead.

Rating: 7/10
Last Change: Sylar replaces ZSMJ in LGD
*All-time records ignore roster changes and tracks results since the last TI'11. Last updated - June 02.

Other South-East Asia Other

Team Singapore
Singapore Zenith


Gosu Ranking: #2
TI'11 Placing: 3rd
Statistics: 25-5 (83%)

Singapore Benedict "Hyhy" Lim Han Yong
Sweden Jonathan "Loda" Berg
Singapore Daryl "iceiceice" Koh Pei Xiang
Singapore Toh "xy-" Wai Hong
Singapore Nicholas "xfreedom" Lim
Winnings - $151,600

3rd - The International @ Gamescom, Cologne (2011)
1st - e-Club The Evolution Grand Final, Singapore (2012)
All Time*
Singapore Zenith0-2Ukraine Natus Vincere
Singapore Zenith0-0Ukraine Darer
Singapore Zenith0-0Russia Moscow Five
Singapore Zenith0-0Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
Singapore Zenith0-0United States Complexity Gaming
Singapore Zenith0-0United States Evil Geniuses
Singapore Zenith2-0Australia Absolute Legends
Singapore Zenith1-0China DK eSports
Singapore Zenith3-1China EHOME
Singapore Zenith0-0China Invictus Gaming
Singapore Zenith0-0China LGD
Singapore Zenith0-1Malaysia Orange
Singapore Zenith2-1Malaysia MUFC
We say...

Roster and sponsor instability could not stop Zenith (or MYM) from dominating South East Asian teams, so what more could be said of a team polished with the presence of the great Loda? When two talented personalities collide, the pair of hyhy and Loda can either spell conflict or it can spell success beyond one's wildest imagination.

Metaphorical speech aside, the addition of Loda means South East Asian Dota 2 with a tinge of European flair. Adding the best of both worlds saw Zenith take apart teams from the region (AL, EHOME and MUFC) in an easy swipe even as the team fought to make sense of the players that were coming and going. Zenith will be a strong contender for a podium finish this year - no doubt.

Rating: 8/10
Last Change: Team Zenith reveal Loda as their fifth
*All-time records ignore roster changes and tracks results since the last TI'11. Last updated - June 02.

Team Malaysia
Malaysia Orange


Gosu Ranking: #13
TI'11 Placing: N/A
Statistics: 22-12 (65%)

Malaysia Chai "Mushi" Yee Fung
Malaysia Ng "Yamateh" Wei Poong
Malaysia Joel "XtincT" Chan Zhan Leong
Malaysia Chan "WinteR" Litt-Binn
Malaysia Chua "Ice" Chee Cai
Malaysia Lee "Ky.xY" Kang Yang
Winnings - $9,600

1st - Malaysian Invitational, Kuala Lumpur (2011)
2nd - Razer Dota2 Tournament, Singapore (2012)
1st - Razer Invitational Showcase, Singapore (2012)
1st - e-Club The Evolution Grand Finals, Subang Jaya (2012)
All Time*
Malaysia Orange0-1Ukraine Natus Vincere
Malaysia Orange0-0Ukraine Darer
Malaysia Orange0-0Russia Moscow Five
Malaysia Orange0-0Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
Malaysia Orange0-0United States Complexity Gaming
Malaysia Orange0-0United States Evil Geniuses
Malaysia Orange1-2Australia Absolute Legends
Malaysia Orange1-0China DK eSports
Malaysia Orange0-2China EHOME
Malaysia Orange1-0China Invictus Gaming
Malaysia Orange1-1China LGD
Malaysia Orange1-0Singapore Zenith
Malaysia Orange4-2Malaysia MUFC
We say...

Lauded as the team with the most competitive experience in South East Asia, Orange has been anywhere and everywhere. Their roster carries an almost all-star, legendary status - the combination of Yamateh and Mushi is enough to guarantee spectators that they are in for a treat with the team competing at the very top this year.

Against MUFC, the team has also proven themselves as the better of the two with an excellent track record to solidify their place at the peak of Malaysian Dota 2. With The International looming ahead, it will be up to these six talented minds and Mushi's aim to defeat Na`Vi this year that will drive them on to the world stage and hopefully settle for the podium finish that their trophy cabinet so sorely deserves.

Rating: 7/10
Last Change: Orange eSports announces their roster for 2012
*All-time records ignore roster changes and tracks results since the last TI'11. Last updated - June 02.

Team Malaysia
Malaysia MUFC


Gosu Ranking: #18
TI'11 Placing: N/A
Statistics: 30-18 (63%)

Malaysia Raymond "Sharky" Wong Kie Yong
Malaysia Daniel "TooFuckingGood/Garfield" Wong Wei Khit
Malaysia Nick "Silvercross" Lim Chang Sheng
Malaysia Sim "Ling" Woi Cheong
Malaysia Lim "Net" Wai Pern
Winnings - $4,900

1st - World Cyber Games Asian Championship, Jakarta (2011)
4th - Malaysian Invitational, Kuala Lumpur (2011)
1st - joinDota Masters III (2012)
2nd - Razer Invitational Showcase, Singapore (2012)
1st - e-Club The Evolution Challenge Blitzone, Malaysia (2012)
2nd - e-Club The Evolution Grand Finals, Subang Jaya (2012)
All Time*
Malaysia MUFC0-0Ukraine Natus Vincere
Malaysia MUFC0-1Ukraine Darer
Malaysia MUFC0-0Russia Moscow Five
Malaysia MUFC0-0Sweden Counter Logic Gaming
Malaysia MUFC0-0United States Complexity Gaming
Malaysia MUFC0-0United States Evil Geniuses
Malaysia MUFC3-2Australia Absolute Legends
Malaysia MUFC0-1China DK eSports
Malaysia MUFC1-1China EHOME
Malaysia MUFC1-0China Invictus Gaming
Malaysia MUFC1-1China LGD
Malaysia MUFC1-2Singapore Zenith
Malaysia MUFC2-4Malaysia Orange
We say...

MUFC have always been 'that other Malaysian DotA team'. Constantly overshadowed by the big names that their counterpart Orange featured, MUFC nevertheless managed to pull ahead in terms of wins and eventually capture respectable titles both online (jD Masters) and offline (e-Club Evo Challenge).

As players, MUFC know better than anyone else the meaning of resilience and fighting to hold their place at the top rungs of Malaysian Dota 2, so while The International 2012 will feature two invited Malaysian teams, the 'successful verdict' for the country will mostly likely be carried on either one of these two teams, but not both.

Rating: 6/10
Last Change: MYM reforms with former MUFC players
*All-time records ignore roster changes and tracks results since the last TI'11. Last updated - June 02.

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