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GosuLeague Season 2 - mTw joins the fray


Having gone through the qualifier round for the last slot in the GosuLeague Season 2 Division 1, mTw completes the list of competing teams. Making their way past zNation and SGC, mTw claim ex-Gosu's slot in our main division of GosuLeague.

GosuLeague Division 1
Sweden Infused Sweden Keita-Gaming
Russia Moscow5 Kazakhstan NEXT
Germany mousesports Germany EnRo-GriFFins
Ukraine Darer Europe mTw

Beginning on 5 June 2012, the League will see eight teams compete for a prize pool of $3,500. As usual, only the top three placing teams will be rewarded at the end of the season and the bottom two teams of our main division will be relegated to division two.

Last night's qualifier playoffs witnessed mTw climb to the top after defeating Russian team zNation in the semifinals and setting up a grand finals matchup against SGC.

Game one witnessed a strong four semi-carry lineup on mTw's lineup with Invoker, Pudge, Mirana and Spirit Bear which caught SGC off guard. Even though the scoreboard ran fairly even, it was evident that the Slovakian team could not hold off the physical damage output of mTw as their base got picked at slowly until it crumbled.

Coming from their loss in game one, SGC quickly opted for an innovative combo of Ogre Magi and Treant Protector, and while they attempted to gain control of the map on the back of strong ganking heroes like Sand King and Enchantress, mTw smartly rebutted with a Furion and Tinker pick which easily dominated the map with their global control.

With their win, mTw concludes all the action for GosuLeague Season 1 and the ball is set to go into motion once more next month as we take on yet another round of epic Dota 2 action.

VoDs for the qualifiers have already been uploaded. Check them out below:

mTw vs zNation - Game 1
SGC vs Empire - Game 1
mTw vs SGC - Game 1, Game 2

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