The International 2 Eastern and Western Qualifier

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The last two invite slots for The International will be distributed in two invite tournaments. Each tournament features eight teams in double-elimination, all games best-of-three and the final best-of-five. will host the East qualification tournament.

Moscow Five and MUFC were the last invited teams. With 14 out of 16 teams invited, only two last slots for The International 2 in Seattle remain. One slot will go to an Asian team, the other to a team from Europe or America. Both slots will be distributed in a qualifier tournament, with both times eight teams in the run for only one last slot.

All matches best-of-three, final best-of-five, all matches streamed is proud to host the East qualifier. With seven teams from China, Singapore and Malaysia already invited, the second, but certainly not weaker tier of Asian teams participates in the East qualifier. Streaming for the East qualifier will be provided by David 'GoDZ' Parker. The games will also be opened for Dota 2 client-based live watching.

East Qualifier
China World ElitePhilippines Mineski
China TongfuPhilippines MSI-EvoGT / XctN
Singapore AeonPhilippines Duskbin
Malaysia IceThailand MiTH.Trust

The West qualifier features seven European teams and one American. Among them recently very well performing teams like mTw, which have trained hard to get a slot for The International. Also Virtus.Pro is among the teams for the qualifier, a team with big player names, which has yet to show its strength as a whole team. joinDOTA will handle coverage of the West qualifier, with TobiWan streaming.

Schedule from Wednesday, 6 June to Sunday, 10 June

The schedule of the tournaments will bring five days packed with Dota 2. The tournaments start on Wednesday, 6 June with the four games of the first round. On Sunday, 10 June the best-of-five final will be played. In this tournament, the team coming from the winners bracket will not have an advantage.

West Qualifier
United States QuanticSweden Keita
Kazakhstan NEXT.kzSweden Infused
Russia zNationEurope mTw
Russia Virtus.ProGermany mousesports

Source: The International
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