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PlaymatE quits playing Dota

Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija has announced to end his Dota career. On his Facebook account, he states that he has lost interest in Dota.

The player PlaymatE of Copenhagen Wolves has stated on his Facebook account, that he quits playing Dota. He has "lost interest in Dota" and will thus stop playing any Dota.

His team Copenhagen Wolves had already canceled its participation in Friday's GosuLeague replacement qualifier. On Wednesday though, PlaymatE insisted that would not disband, opposing rumors with this statement.

Amel Barudzija's retreat from Dota does not only punch a hole into Wolves' roster, but also seems to end the career of a successful Dota player. Mostly known for his playing in the lineup of MeetYourMakers, PlaymatE started his Dota 2 career at Evil Geniuses, joining the lineup of Copenhagen Wolves only as a replacement for Link, right when the team left Quantic to join team Eclypsia.

Amel 'PlaymatE' Barudzija:

"Thank you all for the support, but I have lost interest in Dota and will no longer play, not competitively nor casually."

Remaining roster Copenhagen Wolves:
Denmark Mikkel 'miGGel' Berg
Denmark Martin 'AngeL' Olsen
Denmark Brian 'Mania' Strandby
Denmark Christoffer 'Ryze' Winther

Source: PlaymatE's Facebook

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