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joinDOTA Masters returns to Europe in its 8th edition

The eighth joinDOTA Masters features European and American Dota once again. Eight teams battle it out in a single-elimination tournament within two days.

Three of the teams in the upcoming join Dota Masters 8 were already participating in the sixth edition. Mousesports, Darer and Quantic, at that time still playing under the tag ex-GoSu, have a second run for the title, and the 500 Euro prize money. They are joined by five other teams from Europe and America.

All games played on Friday and Saturday

In contrast to the last joinDOTA Masters for Europe and America, all games are played on Friday and Saturday. Quarter and semi finals are best-of-one, the final will be best-of-three.

For The Tough Bananas, this tournament with a very high standard in team performance is a chance to show, they are on a comparable level. Being seeded against the titleholder might not be the easiest start, though. Virtus.Pro, as a counterexample, is under pressure to meet the expectations the well-staffed lineup has provoked this month.

Quarter finals will start at 17:00 CEST on Friday, 1 June. The games will be casted by Toby 'TobiWan' Dawson. Virtus.Pro, Darer and mTw are also playing in the GosuLeague replacement tournament on Friday evening, but since joinDOTA Masters does not require additional games on the same day, no schedule problems are to be expected.

joinDOTA Masters 8
Russia Virtus.Provs.Ukraine Darer1 Jun 17:00 CEST
Europe mTwvs.Russia Moscow 51 Jun 18:15 CEST
Denmark The Tough Bananasvs.United States Quantic1 Jun 19:30 CEST
Europe mousesportsvs.United States compLexity1 Jun 20:45 CEST
Semi final #1
2 Jun 17:00 CEST
Semi final #2
2 Jun 18:15 CEST
2 Jun 19:30 CEST

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