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Darer and Empire fight for penultimate spot in GosuLeague


Today, the penultimate spot in GosuLeague First Division Season 2 will be assigned. The two teams which soaked up the former DTS players, Darer and Empire battle it out in a best-of-three.

Whenever a team falls apart, the question rises who is the legitimate successor. In case of GosuLeague, this question will be answered on the battlefield. Two of DTS's players left for team Empire, three for team Darer. Today, Empire and Darer play a best-of-three to determine, who inherits DTS's GosuLeague Division 1 spot.

Darer vs. Empire: 19:00 CET, casting by Purge

Darer has filled his lineup with Go[blin], Mag and Funn1k two weeks ago, while Empire replaced former players with Allwayswannafly and Jackal just two days ago. Both teams would love to play in the GosuLeague worth 3,500 US-Dollars. For now, only one of the teams will take DTS's spot: The winner of the best-of-three today.

The match is scheduled for 19:00 CET, with the two teams facing each other already in StarSeries today. The casting will be brought to your home by GosuGamers' caster Kevin 'Purge' Godec. Make sure to turn on Purge's stream to enjoy the GosuLeague replacement match.

Second chance tomorrow

The losing team will although have a second chance. Alongside mTw, Virtus.Pro and team SGC, the team will go through a quick single-elimination tournament tomorrow, Friday. Copenhagen Wolves have rejected the invitation to the tournament yesterday.

GosuLeague replacement match
Ukraine DarerRussia Empire
Ukraine Artur 'Go[blin]' KostenkoUkraine Andrei 'Allwayswannafly' Bondarenko
Ukraine Andrei 'Mag' ChipenkoBelarus Maksim 'Jackal' Doroschenok
Ukraine Gleb 'Funn1k' LipatnikovRussia Roman 'Scandal' Sadotenkov
Ukraine Ivan 'ArtStyle' AntonovRussia Vladislav 'blowyourbrain' Morozyuk
Russia Sergey 'God' BraginRussia Oleg 'Lega' Vasiliev

Source: Darer vs. Empire in GosuBet, GosuLeague Division 1

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