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Absolute Legends Announce Dota2 Cup and Pro In-House League

In celebration of Absolute Legends growth, the organisation have decided to host their first set of Dota2 tournaments.

The organisations maiden competition is an Absolute Legends Invitational. It is taking place from June 1st to June 3rd. 16 teams from all over the globe have been invited to play in this single elimination 5v5 Dota2 tournament featureing a prize pool of $500.

They have stated that all the matches leading to the final will be best of 3 and the final to be best out of 5. So stay tuned as there will be plenty of quality matches through the duration of the tournament.

All the action is going to be streamed via their Dota2 Absolute Legends TV channel and to be casted by the one and only TheMak3r.

The team over at Absolute Legends have also invested in an in-house league that will consist of elite members of the dota2 community with an Invite-Based vouch system. Teams that are currently recognized by the international community can alternatively apply for a slot in the league by contacting league admins. The cap is limited at 500 players.

The start date for this event is June 8th and will last for a month so keep a keen eye on players streaming games from the league. Razer gear is the prize for this league, covering rank 1-3 and also a prize for most games played.

Absolute Legends - Announcement

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