Gigabyte DotA2 Masters head into playoffs

Posted by Brady "blitzking" Williamson at 27 May 2012 16:58

The dust has settled and the group stages are complete. The Gigabyte Asian Masters now head into the playoff week, where tensions are high and teams are preparing for one of the most prevalent finals series that has been granted to the South East Asian and Chinese region.

Group Stages:
Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters
Group AGroup B
China EHOME5/00
Malaysia Orange5/20
Singapore Aeon5/21
China LGD5/20
China DK4/32
Malaysia MUFC5/20
Australia Absolute Legends3/43
China IG2/32
Thailand Trust1/44
Malaysia Space Monkeys1/43
Indonesia Ritter0/55
Vietnam StarsBoba0/54
Group CGroup D
Malaysia Ice5/00
Singapore Zenith5/00
China TongFu4/11
China WE5/21
Australia Big Plays3/22
New Zealand SQL4/32
Singapore Giggles2/33
Malaysia Invasion Red3/43
Philippines Mineski1/44
Philippines Duskbin1/44
Philippines Dreamz0/55
Thailand Neolution0/55

Teams EHOME, Ice and Zenith went undefeated in the group stages - a fine achievement for sure but the kids are back in there cots and etheletes have risen to claim victory. Hopefully we get to see some clash of the titans action for when these teams meet up in these final series.

The playoff week in the winner’s bracket will be an old fashioned Asian sensation showdown with 4 teams from China and 2 teams each from Malaysia and Singapore.

All the action will not be restricted to the Winner's bracket though. The Loser's brackets do contain recent International invitees Absolute Legends, DK eSports club and Invictus Gaming and they will be sure to stir the pot and perhaps claw their way to the final.

At this stage, 7 out of the current 12 teams that are invited to The International later this year are to be a part of the GIGABYTE Masters playoffs. hopefully the playoffs will consist of the highest degree of skill, dedication and discipline to show the world once again why they are top contenders in the electronic sport that is Dota 2.

Whichever way this competition goes it can be only good for the gamers and the spectators with such a talented pool you could not expect any less. Good luck to all the participants.

The Finals brackets go as followed:

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