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Na'Vi lost first place in GosuRanking for a short time

Na'Vi is about to lose the spirit of invincibility. After four losses out of five games, the winners of the International were no longer first place in the GosuRanking today for some time.

Team CLG overtook Na'Vi in the GosuRanking. Due to a series of losses the StarSeries and the ProDota2 World League, the Ukrainian team has lost a big lead in the ranking and had given CLG the first place until they lost themselves against Darer.

CLG first time first in Ranking - without Loda

The first drop in performance happened two weeks ago, when Na'Vi lost two games against Death Prophet strategies in two ProDota2 matches. Now an even more threatening situation has occured, since Na'Vi has lost four out of the last five games. After two losses against mousesports, one loss against CLG and most recently a loss against team Infused, the Ukrainian superstars are on the edge of losing their reputation as the invincibles.

Only the StarSeries match against mTw turned out in favor of Na'Vi. CLG on the other hand was on a four-game winning streak until they lost today against Darer. The performance of the mainly Swedish team has not dropped since the roster change, when Loda eventually left the team.

Na'Vi P9 (of 16) in StarSeries, P5 (of 8) in ProDota2

Of course, the question arises what has caused the Na'Vi losses. Is Na'Vi just saving strategies for The International 2? The title holder is under pressure of showing a remarkable performance in Seattle. The losses in the ProDota2 league are causing serious problems: Only three of the eight European teams will pass the regional tournament phase.

With only three wins, the team has failed to qualify for the global tournament and will not receive any prize. In the StarSeries, the tournament Na'Vi won at the offline finals in April, is currently just in ninth place out of 16 teams. Not firing every rocket prematurely before The International might be a good idea, but at the current performance, Na'Vi is about to lose opportunities, money and titles.

Recent Na'Vi results
Opponent teamLeagueResult
Sweden InfusedProDota2 0-1
Europe mTwStarSeries 1-0
Germany mousesportsProDota2 0-1
Sweden CLGStarSeries 0-1
Germany mousesportsStarSeries 0-1

Na'Vi is currently still playing against Virtus.Pro.

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