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mTw, coL, Darer and Keita in 2nd GD Studio Arena

The second edition of the Arena, presented by The GD Studio will happen on 27 May. Four teams are invited, namely mTw, compLexity, Darer and Keita Gaming.

For the second time, The GD Studio is inviting four Dota 2 teams in a one day competition to fight. The monthly show called The Arena comes along this time with four completely new teams, none of them competed in the first Arena tournament.

Team mTw, Darer and Keita Gaming will be the European teams in the tourney. The three are joined by American team compLexity. For mTw, it is another chance for continuing the teams' recent top performance. Darer will try to show what the new lineup is capable of. Keita has also improved a lot recently, currently in first place in GosuLeague. For the Americans of coL, this tournament is one of the few chances for measuring strengths with European teams.

The Arena will be played on upcoming Sunday, 27 May. The first match is scheduled for 17:00 CET, all games will be best-of-three. Casting will be done by James '2GD' Harding, accompanied by SingSing as the co-caster.

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Source: The GD Studio

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