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A sit down with Bulba and Universe

"If we combine our experience and versatility with dedication and practice, I have no doubt about us vying to become the best team in Dota 2." Sam "Bulba" Sosale related in an interview with Evil Geniuses after their recent transfer to the American team - GosuGamers reports.

With his wealth of experience playing the game, Bulba sees Dota 2 as different from DotA in more ways than one - "from attack animations to spell animations, and some heroes just being better."

While the current popular pick of May remains Death Prophet, Bulba claimed that the introduction of Chaos Knight could potentially cause a huge swing in the meta game.

"We may see a shift to more dual lanes mid with the introduction of Chaos Knight because of his strong laning and ganking presence." Predominantly a popular Chinese hero, Bulba feels that "It will be interesting to see when the Chinese style of play meets this European/Na’Vi style of play."

"I know they love picking dual lanes and spamming heroes such as Windrunner and Earthshaker."

Demon, Tobi, Fear at SMM. (Photo by GosuGamers)

Bulba admits of nothing but respect for his teammates Universe, Maelk, Demon and Fear, the latter two of which were "two players [he has] always looked up to since the DotA days."

"Fear was a legend of the American competitive scene and with Demon, they were together the reason that the US was on the map in competitive DotA."

With decent performances at Fnatic Open #2 and joinDOTA Open #1, the team achieved stellar wins over Quantic, Complexity and Mousesports, arguably due to what Universe terms "our biggest strength - [the fact that] we are all versatile players and can adapt to most situations. We have good chemistry and the ability to improve a great deal."

To close the interview, Universe related his excitement to play for his new team in the midst of four incredible players. "Maelk is on vacation, and will not be back for a couple more weeks. Once we get our full roster playing, and practicing I have full confidence we’ll be back in shape!"

"I'm very excited to be part of EG and will do my best in upcoming tournaments and events. EG fighting!"

Read the complete interview at the following link.

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