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Why winning today's GosuLeague qualifier could mean $5,000


The sixth qualifier for the second division of GosuLeauge will kick off today. Take the chance to enter the sister division of the GosuLeague. Why would you, you say? Here's why.

The May season, coming to a close within two playdays, holds a prize pool of $1,500 USD. The eight teams qualified through ongoing preliminaries. At the same time as we launched the regular season, we announced the preliminaries for the second division. While no prize money at stake, it does mean you fight for a spot in division one. Fight your way through the league system, and if you are skilled and determined enough you will find yourself in division one to go up against the best and play for the grand prizes.

The second season of GosuLeague will feature a $3,500 USD prize pool, and will kick off in June. If you, a second division team, wins that, you will be eligible for play in the third season, where we, together with our partners ROCCAT SAVU, Twitch.TV and Sapphire, offer a $5,000 USD prize pool.

So, pick up you and your team's battle armour, get slicing and dicing and press that register button. You'd be kicking yourself in the back two months from now if you didn't.

a0590e4171f06b46defb92609b5239fc4c82b1d4c24174865f70cbb2a7.jpg16:00: GosuLeague Division 2 Preliminaries
dota2-icon.png GosuLeague Division 2 Qualifier VI
Start: May 19, 16:00 CET
Status: Open

Register now!

GosuLeague Season 2 Division 2 (10/16)
1. Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming
2. Faroe Islands Dotings2Good
3. Germany BAFFD
4. Europe HelloMoto
5. Denmark The Tough Bananas
6. France Ph0eNiiX's Team
7. Europe MassPro
8. Portugal Not Found.
9. France Blast
10. Ukraine SkyGaming
11. Other TBD
12. Other TBD
13. Other TBD
14. Other TBD
15. Other TBD
16. Other TBD

The 16 teams will be divided into two separate divisions as the second season begins.

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