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Mousesports' SingSing: 'TI2 pressure is getting to us'

twiSta and SingSing at the Dota2 Star Championship. Photo by: Ulrich Hanten\GOSUGAMERS

In an interview that was published before the sign-off of Fire, Dutch player WehSing "SingSing" Yuen explained the recent changes in the team as well as the pressure coming from The International.

SingSing admits that the signing of Black was a bit rushed, as the "TI2 pressure" is really getting to them.

- "However, everyone of us has the right midnset and we work very hard; I think our team has a huge potential, just need to adapt a few details," said SingSing.

"More important to adjust and improve towards the best"
SingSing also touch base on the major lineup rehaul that meant Rexi, Trixi and DeMeNt left the organization. He mentions how the team used to draft as a team, which made a big impact in every single game in their first tournament win, the Dota2Replays Brawl. But the lineup issues continued, and he admits there were many disagreements during games.

- "For me it was mainly the mindset, we had people who played to win with gimmick tactics or extremely passive play," said SingSing. He added, "In my opinion it was more important to adjust and improve towards the best with commonly used, stable heroes, something that not everyone followed with."

SingSing is an avid streamer, and holds one of the Dota 2 scene's most popular channels. Check out his stream on play.gosugamers.net.

Source: joinDOTA.com

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