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GosuLeague: Infused, Keita and DTS close gap for the top


With Gosu's 0-2 loss to Keita Gaming two days ago, teams are now neck to neck in standings despite the American team pulling slightly ahead of the rest. Swedish duo Keita and Infused as well as Ukrainian outfit DTS stand at 6 points a piece.

GosuLeague \ Division 1 \ Standings
1. United States GoSu53117
2. Sweden INFS43016
2. Sweden Keita52216
2. Ukraine DTS51406
5. Russia M551315
6. Kazakstan NEXT.kz51224
7. Germany mouz30212
8. Germany EnRo40040

An absence of Mousesports place the team at second last in standings with only three games played. The match between EnRo and Mouz was further delayed to a future date this or next week. Meanwhile, CIS powerhouses NEXT and Moscow Five fall behind after the former's loss to Infused and the latter's draw with DTS during our fifth playday.

With a second placing and one match behind the rest, Infused may just claim the lead after their match against Mouz is played - all the Swedish roster needs is at least a draw to force a fight for top placing against current frontrunners It's Gosu.

Dates for our sixth playday have not been confirmed yet although anticipated matchups include Moscow Five vs Mouz as well as Infused taking on DTS. Stay tuned for more information.

GosuLeague \ Division 1 \ Playday 5
United States It's Gosu<Sweden Keita0-2VODs
Kazakhstan NEXT<Sweden Infused0-2VODs
Germany EnRo-Germany Mouz0-0-
Ukraine DTS<>Russia Moscow Five1-1VODs

GosuLeague \ Division 1 \ Playday 6
United States It's Gosuvs. Kazakhstan NEXT-
Germany EnRovs. Sweden Keita-
Ukraine DTSvs. Sweden Infused-
Germany Mouzvs. Russia M5-

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