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Blast, SkyGaming are through to GosuLeague Division 2


Our fifth qualifiers conclude with French team Blast and Europe mix SkyGaming earning their slot in GosuLeague Division 2.

Have a team and you want to play in GosuLeague? Try your luck in the sixth qualifier. Registrations open later at 20:00 CET.

Blast's run in the qualifier
France Blast > bye
France Blast > Ukraine ush
France Blast > Denmark DHSF
France Blast > Europe Super!

SkyGaming's run in the qualifier
Europe SkyGaming > Denmark Old Spice
Europe SkyGaming > Europe awe
Europe SkyGaming > Japan TMNT
Europe SkyGaming > Russia NoThx

GosuLeague Season 2 Division 2 (10/16)
1. Czech Republic iNfernity Gaming
2. Faroe Islands Dotings2Good
3. Germany BAFFD
4. Europe HelloMoto
5. Denmark The Tough Bananas
6. France Ph0eNiiX's Team
7. Europe MassPro
8. Portugal Not Found.
9. France Blast
10. Ukraine SkyGaming
11. Other TBD
12. Other TBD
13. Other TBD
14. Other TBD
15. Other TBD
16. Other TBD

The 16 teams will be divided into two separate divisions as the second season begins.

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