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Fnatic, It's GoSu, Infused in SLTV Pro Series group stage

The groups for the second season of the SLTV Pro Series were made public yesterday. Among the teams we see teams as Infused, Fnatic, It's GoSu but also the former Keita squad, Evolution and Western Wolves.

The 32 teams will after the group stage trim down to only 16 as top two from each group qualify for the second stage.

The top two at the end of the season get, aside from $700 and $500 USD respectively, a slot in the next Star Series season. Third and fourth place will be paired up with the Star Series bottom two teams in a direct relegation match.

SLTV Pro Series Season 2 Group Stage
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Sweden INFS Europe FNATICRC France WW Ukraine NV.UA
Russia SNP Ukraine AP Sweden VYE United States GOSU
Europe QMARK Kyrgyzstan OMEGA Denmark PMF Russia EMPIRE
Russia NOTP Kazakstan GOSU Russia NOTHX Russia ANMD
Group E Group F Group G Group H
United States TDM Sweden CHW+4 Portugal 404 Denmark TTB
Russia MHS Russia OKHO Germany GILETTE Russia PRIOR
Russia FS Russia ICH Europe SLD Czech Republic IN
Portugal PR Sweden EVO. Ukraine SKYR Ukraine SG.INT

Source: StarLadder.tv

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